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ūüéľ Hominy Harmony ūüćī

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Food, like music, is a universal language.  It brings together folks (who would normally not accompany each other) to create melodies.

One need only listen to the polyglot staff in professional kitchens to hear the din of the cultural melting pot working to produce harmony from the chaos.

Out of the confusion of cross-cultural mash-ups, new ensembles emerge, which can then be passed down and further improved upon.

We are attuned to the ethnic movements in cuisine and design at our Culinary Center, and look forward to sharing with you the latest Equipment and Supplies innovations from around the globe.

Stop by and let you palate¬†experience the world’s compositions.


FS14 with stand
Flywheel Slicer
in delicatessens, bistros, catering services,
Italian and fine dining restaurants
Hand operated

Classic 19th century Italian design

Vibrant red enamel with black & gold detailing

Authentic marble receiving shelf

Two year parts and labor warranty

Optional heavy-duty artisan pedestal complements the slicer’s vintage look

Breakfast BAnner

Serving a Crowd-Pleasing Continental Breakfast

Better breakfast doesn’t have to mean made-to-order omelets and sandwiches – not every¬†place has the staff or facilities. All you need are a few staples and some quality equipment to keep food at peak flavor.

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MIBRASA charcoal ovens and Lacor cookware present:

Tapas in the afternoon

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center at 3 PM featuring Spanish wines and beer, and small plates.

Join our guest chef & us as we take our new Spanish kitchen toys out for a spin, exploring the cuisines that made this equipment famous.

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