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                    As the National Football League gets ready for the 50th Super Bowl, more and more foodservice venues are preparing to feed the masses who will be catering parties or just feeding their families all of the fried foods that are becoming the staple of this soon to be holiday weekend.

                    Restaurants and Supermarkets are advertising their specials on Buffalo Wings and Mozzarella Sticks while Specialty Markets and Delis, along with the Food Network are finding ways to “satisfy the masses”, coming up with as many unique ways to fry comfort foods and veggies as their imaginations can handle.

                    The NFL has slowly been moving their schedule around to position the Big Game to coincide with the Presidents Day holiday and make for a true American Holiday Weekend.

                    So as we head into this big weekend, let’s keep in mind how important that deep fat fryer is and will continue to be.

                    Break out the new oil, slack off those frozen products, prepare your batter and breadcrumbs, kiss your Pitco/ Anets Fryer, and get ready for the kickoff of our new American holiday……SUPER BOWL FRYDAY!!

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