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🎩 Presidential Seal (er…Penguin?) 🐧

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Presidential deals on President’s Day!  The ol’ editorial calendar usually tells us to do “presidential” themed offers on President’s Week.

Maybe you can show us how can we work the names of our former leaders into an LTO for FSE&S?

  • Nixon” your counters?  Advance-Tabco can fabricate shiny new ones!
  • Fillmore” glasses with Follett!

OK, I’m done, I can’t af-“Ford” to go on.


Advance-Tabco Ad

PF Test Kitchen Video

Thought you might appreciate some random MS Windows shortcuts…

MS Windows Shortcuts

Ice Cream Boy

💨 Breathless 💨

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Are you too, waiting in breathless anticipation of the IRFSNY Show booth #2219 at Javits next month?

Our breathless, er “ventless” kitchen will be on full display featuring TurboChef, Cook Tek, Perfect Fry, Hoodini, and Wells – the most complete offering for a kitchen without ductwork!


If you’d like to “kick the tires” on our lineup, contact Chef Nick at our Culinary Center to arrange a test cook and/or demo!

Pope Bill

We were privileged to attend Bill Stompf’s retirement party at Bally Refrigerated Boxes last week.  Here we see Bill being fitted for his vestments for the next phase of his career, as “Pope” of foodservice by the Schmid Dewland management team!

Sneak Peek of Villeroy & Boch’s latest collection revealed days ago at the Ambiente Show:



🎵 Notes 🎶

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Ever wonder what it is that a rep does?
So does everyone.

Foodservice Rep

After an exhaustive travel/training schedule, we’re ready to get back to telling our story.

Here’s a few of the tidbits that we’ll be talking about:

David Abi Has Been Promoted to Group General Manager of Carter-Hoffmann / Doyon & Nu-Vu.   He will assume responsibility for day to day management of the CH & DNV group and management team. David Abi

ITI is announcing a price increase of an average of 4% across its product portfolio with most items in the 3% to 6% range with the exception of Flatware where there will be no increase. This price increase will go into effect on all orders shipped after April 1st, 2018 giving a 60 days advance notice to all our customers. ITI logo

Globe N-Series Premium Slicers (3600N, 3850N, 3975N, 4600N & 4975N) will have a one-week lead time. This lead time is due to the increased production of the NEW S-Series Slicers introduced in 2017. Globe Logo


Here’s a great explanation of equipment start-ups:

I know, exciting, right?

Rounder Divider


Chopstick Soup

🎪 Hitting it Big 🎭

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 Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

We’ve learned our lines; now on with the show!

We are pleased to welcome John Alfano to our outside sales team.

John joins Pecinka Ferri with a wealth of knowledge and industry experience combined with strong dealer and end user relationships in the Metro New York market.

John began his career with Hobart where he spent eleven years as a Territory Sales Manager with responsibility for the Northern New Jersey region.  He held the same position with Unified Brands, representing Groen and Randell,  which led to him forming his own rep firm in 2005 (which he helped foster, until a consolidation in 2014).

John has spent the last three years as Director of Sales and Marketing for Pro-Tek Service, selling installation and service programs in Metro New York with concentration on the healthcare and B&I markets.

Please join us in welcoming John Alfano to Pecinka Ferri.

Joe Ferri Jr. & Joe Ferri Sr MAFSI Awards, Mibrassa

Ed Pecinka & Rob Taylor Jam at MAFSI

To download our new Line-Cards, click on the links
below and either save or print:



Amazing Globe Submersible Scale


🏭 Another Week, Another Factory Training! 🏭

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We didn’t know what we didn’t know!

Follett provided an in-depth education on a subject which many take for granted – Ice.
Ice is a food, and as such needs to be treated with the same respect as all other foods.
On Pecinka Ferri’s latest training excursion (OK, it was only 31 miles from my house) we learned about Follett’s commitment to three key operator’s concerns:

  • Labor

  • Safety

  • Sanitation

And we thought that they were just bin manufacturers!
We are proud to now be affiliated with all of the consolidated Middleby brands.

Follett Video

Bally Coolers

To download our new Line-Cards, click on the links
below and either save or print:




Ice Ice Baby

📰 What’s New? 📰

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What’s new? 

No, not the latest industry gossip, or the trending hashtags, but what’s really new?

What surprises await you in the new year? Disruption and change undoubtedly will shape the marketplace.  Forces unleashed in 2017 have not yet  made even a dent in the foodservice equipment and supply business.


New products, both from our factories and abroad, will further transform an industry already in the throes of mash-ups and displacements.  Old alliances will be shattered and recombined in fresh ways.


Technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), 3-D printing and blockchain threaten to further erode existing pathways in the coming months.


Being nimble will surely be requisite to survival in the brave new world of 2018.  The future is now; are you fully embracing it?

We attended an intensive hands-on training on Globe Food Equipment in Dayton OH this past week, learning about slicers, mixers, choppers, and their cooking line.

To download our new Line-Cards, click on the links
below and either save or print:



What’s old is new. Literally.

We are excited to announce the launch of the brand new GAR Products Closeout site.


We will be drastically discounting both closeout/discontinued items AND overstock of current models.


New discounts will be added regularly so check back often.



🌇 We Sail at Dawn 🌞

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A new day has dawned for the foodservice vendor!

Differentiation has become an essential part of the future as suppliers consolidate, with M&A activity and bankruptcies either realized or rumored.

Low cost providers are driving margins ever lower on commodity goods.  A well-trained, customer focused supplier team can present value propositions to operators (instead of allowing them to default to inferior, lower priced productss).

There are several mega-trends that will play out over 2018 that will impact procurement:

  • Although the overall category of meals away from home is growing, traditional foodservice kitchens now prepare them with less frequency. Food preparation is being shifted to ghost kitchens, virtual restaurants, grocerants, meal kit commissaries and others.
  • B&I has surged in Metro NY and will continue to do so as we evolve into “Silicone Valley East”.
  • As high-profile chefs reverse migrate to their birth communities (to avoid NY’s high cost of living and the new tax burdens) independent operators will continue to struggle with labor issues.  This, along with soaring commercial real estate costs, will open opportunities for those who can innovate to save labor.
  • Food trucks, once viewed as a solution to brick-and-mortar issues, now are eating into established foodservice operation’s sales and profits.

As the market continues to evolve and change, many folks are being drawn to channel partners who invest in their businesses and people.

Pecinka Ferri is scaling up as well, to support our clientele with the most professional and knowledgeable sales staff, backed with the best customer care. 

More Price List updates:

Blendtec 1/1/18

Clabo USA  2/1/18

Continental Refrigerator 1/31/18

Insinger Machine 3/1/18

To download our new Line-Cards, click on the links

below and either save or print:





📝 Making a List? 📋

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Our lists for 2018 are now available.

Back-of-the-house is now on a different list from front.

If you’d like to download our new Line-Card(s) “lists” please click on them below and either save or print.

(They are hot-linked as well!)


2018 Pecinka Ferri fron-of-the-house line card

click on image to download and/or print


2018 Pecinka Ferri back-of-the-house line card

Click on image to download and/or print