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👢 Re Boot 👢

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How are things at your place? 2018 has passed the midway mark, and reassessments are the order of the day.

At Pecinka Ferri, we’re re-focusing on professional kitchens, and supporting our dealers and manufacturers who supply the components that make them hum.

You have many choices when it comes to choosing equipment and supplies; we are grateful that you often chose us and our brands!

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Ventless Wednesday

For more photo’s of the event, CLICK HERE

This just in from Ed Pecinka:

Blodgett 2.0
Had the opportunity to visit the new Blodgett facility this week.
After 150 years on Lake Champlain, the Blodgett Brands have been moved to a newly refurbished 250,000 Sq Ft facility in Essex.
This former Green Mountain Coffee facility is now poised for future growth.
Send your orders !!!

Blodgett Box



🐶 Dog Days 🐶

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Ventless Wednesday Event

Ventless Wednesday

Join us on Wednesday 8/15/18 as we present a primer on the recommendations and requirements for ventless installations.

All commercial kitchen designers and installers will benefit from the presentations by factory engineers from Wells Manufacturing & Blodgett and representatives from TurboChef.

Wednesday 8/15/18,
First session 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
repeats 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center
3 Spielman Rd.
Fairfield, NJ 07004
(973) 812-4277

Lunch will be served – prepared on our ventless equipment!

Learn what you’ll be encountering as these technologies roll out & become the standard!

Four Prescriptions to Treat Your
Freight Capacity Symptoms

by Dave Dewalt

As we work through the dog days of summer, the symptoms of unprecedented freight capacity shortages continue to spread.  They include:

  • A skyrocketing ratio of “loads available” to “trucks available”
  • More late deliveries due to Hours of Service and ELD rules
  • Carrier resistance to multi-stop loads
  • ….and of course record high (and rising) transportation costs

By now, Supply Chain Managers have pulled out every trick in the book to ease their pain.  They’re optimizing dock operations to reduce driver waiting time so they don’t end up on a carrier’s “bad shipper list.”  They’re increasing the use of drop trailers to add flexibility, and investigating rail and intermodal options where they make sense.

But Marketing, Sales, and Finance have an important role to play in this battle as well.  Your price structure, order policies, and r




Shareables and samplers are a great way to increase profits and ITI offers a large collection of porcelain sampler accessories including sampler trays and bowls.

Snacking is driving demand outside traditional dayparts; 91% of consumers 
snack multiple times per day. – Hartman Group, The Future of Snacking 2016

42% of consumers strongly agree that ordering small plates is a great way to share dishes when dining with a large group. – Technomic, 2017 Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report



Our Slider Plates are designed to provide an attractive and unique way to serve appetizers, shareables, side dishes, and small portions. This fully vitrified, bright white china, pairs beautifully with Chef’s Palette™.

Learn More







Our Porcelain Presentation Platters offer a unique opportunity to mix party plateappetizers and sauces/dips on a single plating surface.


While Party Plates function flawlessly alone, we have provided several versatile paring options to enhance the overall presentation.

Learn More





In order to improve our availability of accessories to our dealer partners, Pitco is proud to announce our partnership with Parts Town. Currently Parts Town is carrying Pitco, MagiKitch’n, Anets and Perfect Fry accessory inventory and will provide the highest level of service for your Pitco brands requirements.
Effective August 13, 2018, Parts Town will be the sole source for all accessories ordered outside of those purchased with equipment.

Doggie Melt

🙈🙉🙊 What’s in a Name? 👄

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What’s in a name?  As a nation, we’re now about to be asked what we think of when we hear the name “milk”. (Got any?)


“Meat” will be redefined by powerful lobbyists and competing federal agencies.


Seafood items are already being challenged with truth in menu laws.  Fraud is rampant. Country and origin claims are all suspect in oils, wines & cheeses.


Powerful new legislation aims to regulate transport of foodstuffs.


The revolution in food procurement and distribution is underway.


Opportunities abound for the savvy E&S suppliers that will capitalize on the coming firestorms.


Globe Logo

Pricing  goes up Aug 1st.
Reminder:  there are a few days left to get current pricing!

🍝 Dishing It Out 🍛

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You can dish it out, but can you take it (to the dishroom, that is)?


Careers are born in this, the unglamorous corner of the professional kitchen.


Hot and steamy, smelly and noisy, we often neglect the dish area.  Whether in the budget, design  construction or operation phase, the dishroom usually gets short shrift.

Custom Sink

Why should we look closer at this “necessary evil”?


💰  Why, follow the money trail, of course!  💰


The obvious areas to measure (and then save on) are water and energy consumption.


But what of chemicals, labor, tableware “shrinkage” (no plates don’t actually contract in hot water), leasing vs. purchasing, ventilation, morale and of course front-of-the-house impressions.


Let’s do a deep dive with our friends at Insinger Machine.

PMS 300 Insinger

In the ever-changing world of the food service industry, companies are constantly being acquired and merged. Employees are being forced to learn new roles and take on new responsibilities which they might not yet be familiar, such as designing a dishroom.


Here at Insinger, we have established a family-oriented culture that has been in place for 125 years. We have the processes and procedures in place to make the necessary changes at a moment’s notice and do it all with a smile. Located in Philadelphia since our inception in 1893, we continue to provide top notch customer service to our countless customers across the globe.

Super 106

Designing a dishroom can seem like a daunting task to some. Take advantage of our resources. Allow our skilled team of engineers to design the back of your house for optimum flow and efficiencies. Utilize our skilled installation team to construct your dishroom and add extended warranty to the life of your Insinger Machine!


Rely on the family that has been a part of the Northeast community for five generations, and that has the knowledge to take that large project off your plate, so you can focus on the “wants” of your customer rather than the “needs.”


Contact our valued reps at Pecinka-Ferri to see how Insinger Machine Co. can work for you.


🍴 Eating Out 🌞

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Al Fresco, the manager of Culinary Brown’s place decided to clarify their new outdoor dining initiative.

Raising the bar on beverage service was a sure cure for the pickle that they were in.

Unfortunately, Al Dente, the head chef just wanted to reconstitute last summer’s menu.

Happily, both agreed that they needed to infuse the coddled staff with a dollop of urgency, in order to whip them into shape for the season.

Holding his temper, while trying to settle the score, Fresco told the chef not to sweat the details.  Their team was steeped in the traditions of eating outdoors and none of them were ever caught skimming.

The head waiter, Sal Amanda agreed, and the three of them marinated the concept and decided to grind it out.  In order to grease the skids, so that a smooth rollout ensued, they glazed over the details when presenting it to the owner.

When he uncovered their omissions, boy was he steamed!  He knew his managers had a zest for the task at hand, and he certainly didn’t want to grill them.

After dressing them down, they cooked up a plan to infuse the deck and patio with new blend of equipment and furnishings.

Outdoor flyer

💑 Love the one you’re with 👫

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Have you ever accused someone (or been accused) of taking a loved one for granted?  Many folks are compelled by a dangerous or sexy new plaything to abandon those that have loyally served them so well.

plain & fancy soup

In the modern rush to disrupt everything, have the babies been abandoned with the bathwater?

Similarly, like a comfortable old sweater or pair of shoes, the standard bearers of equipment and supplies can often be overlooked for those shiny new items available.


Leading brands which have been the go-to for generations of foodservice pro’s may now feel that their devotion is unrequited.

Do they not deserve the affections often lavished upon upstarts?

Please take this opportunity to return the love that they have been giving you.

Click here to express your admiration

Iconic Brands
We are proud to represent products that are consistently number one or two in their category.

Our current line card is posted HERE, or download the .pdf:

back of the house AND/OR front of the house

Cool Microwave





🔥 Grillin’ & Chillin’ ❄

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What a week!

On Monday, The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable brought together international academics, politicians, authors, artisanal food producers and foodservice professionals.  We deep-dove into all aspects of this healthy and exciting fare at the two day conference at Yale.

Then, the Tapas in the Afternoon event at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center allowed our industry partners to sample one of the Med’s premier cuisines.

Next up, the Fancy Food Show rolled into the Javits Center this weekend (’till Monday) showcasing producers of some of the finest foodstuffs. 

Sometimes, you just gotta love it when the industry combines healthy with delicious!

Love the food that loves you back.

Oh, and don’t overdo it on the 4th of July!

Did you miss this?

Grill All the Things

🔥 Sizzling Summer Sustenance 🍔

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Help put the fun back into food!

Now that summer is here, why not cook with some fire?

Try a new cuisine? Check out a new venue?

Eat sustainably by adding local ingredients with an international flair.

Get out and enjoy the gifts of this sizzling season.

And while you’re at it, why not join us at our Tapas In the Afternoon celebration of Spain and hot & cold Spanish foods?

We’ll be serving home-made sangria, Estrella beer, Rioja wine, Albarino wine and Jerez along with Chefs Devon’s and Nick’s delicious creations from the MIBRASA and served on LACOR!

HACCP Henkelman

Thanks to KCL’s Kevin & Eve Kochman for a successful CAD workshop
at the PF Culinary Center! 





MIBRASA charcoal ovens and Lacor cookware present:

Tapas in the afternoon

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center at 3 PM featuring Spanish wines and beer, and small plates.

Join our guest chef & us as we take our new Spanish kitchen toys out for a spin, exploring the cuisines that made this equipment famous.

   Reserve Your Spot Now



Transition to Horizon Elite 710 SeriesFollett Horizon

Horizon Elite 710 has now launched. The 700 lb production size has been streamlined to the most popular model configuration, air-cooled 115V/60Hz. If a customer still wants to order an obsolete model, we will need to transition them to the available 115V/60Hz air-cooled model. Please reference the chart below as you speak with your customers to help them make a decision on what model to order in the future.

Follett Horizon

I believe I can fry

🎼 Hominy Harmony 🍴

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Food, like music, is a universal language.  It brings together folks (who would normally not accompany each other) to create melodies.

One need only listen to the polyglot staff in professional kitchens to hear the din of the cultural melting pot working to produce harmony from the chaos.

Out of the confusion of cross-cultural mash-ups, new ensembles emerge, which can then be passed down and further improved upon.

We are attuned to the ethnic movements in cuisine and design at our Culinary Center, and look forward to sharing with you the latest Equipment and Supplies innovations from around the globe.

Stop by and let you palate experience the world’s compositions.


FS14 with stand
Flywheel Slicer
in delicatessens, bistros, catering services,
Italian and fine dining restaurants
Hand operated

Classic 19th century Italian design

Vibrant red enamel with black & gold detailing

Authentic marble receiving shelf

Two year parts and labor warranty

Optional heavy-duty artisan pedestal complements the slicer’s vintage look

Breakfast BAnner

Serving a Crowd-Pleasing Continental Breakfast

Better breakfast doesn’t have to mean made-to-order omelets and sandwiches – not every place has the staff or facilities. All you need are a few staples and some quality equipment to keep food at peak flavor.

Read More Here!


MIBRASA charcoal ovens and Lacor cookware present:

Tapas in the afternoon

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center at 3 PM featuring Spanish wines and beer, and small plates.

Join our guest chef & us as we take our new Spanish kitchen toys out for a spin, exploring the cuisines that made this equipment famous.

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KCL Training

Cat Sushi

😎 An offer we can’t refuse 🐴

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            As the Blodgett brands complete their move from the Lakeside Burlington Vt. location, where they have “hand crafted” some of the industry’s best products since 1848, to their brand-new home in Essex Junction, Vt., we are making you an offer “you can’t refuse”.
                     Let us move our inventory to your warehouse rather than ours.
The following products are in stock for immediate shipment and billing (must ship by June 30)

  • Full and Half Size Gas and Electric Convection Ovens (208 3Ph & Natural Gas Only)  
  • Boiler and Bolierless Combi Ovens (208v 3ph and Natural Gas Only)
  • Double Hydrovection Ovens (208v 3ph and Natural Gas Only)
  • Counter Top Electric Steamers
  • Pressure and Convection Steamers (Natural Gas and Electric)
  • Electric Braising Pan (Power Tilt )

        We also have come across some older model demo units that are priced to move. 
Take advantage of the opportunity to “make an offer” to stock up on history.  
Buy the last ovens made at the Blodgett Brand’s Lakeside Facility while they last
                          Contact your Pecinka Ferri Representative Today!!

KCL Training

Afternoon event:
V.E.N.T.L.E.S.S. :
a primer on ventless technologies & where they are going.

Pecinka Ferri will be switching phone systems on Friday, 6/15/18.  If all goes well, we will experience no interruptions of service.

The operative word is “if”


Tapas in the afternoon

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center at 3 PM featuring Spanish wines and beer, and small plates.

Join our guest chef & us as we take our new Spanish kitchen toys out for a spin, exploring the cuisines that made this equipment famous.

Reserve Your Spot Now!




Ideal Solution for:
“Pop up” retail opportunities;

  • Breakfast programs
  • Coffee concepts
  • Cook to order action stations, (Omelets, pasta, noodle bowls, taste station, retail etc.)
  • Cooking demonstrations

Compact, easy  set up and break down.

Easy to  transport to  different locations , designed to fit through most doorways

Modern upscale design improves your retail image, attract customers , drives  sales

Priced right for quick ROI  on your investment

Wide selection of exterior finishes

Custom and modifiable, can be pre wired to suit specific equipment needs