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by Joe Ferri



Businesses Are People Too:
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Ed Pecinka


Way back in that other millennium, I invited a girl from my grammar school class to a local dance.  Even now, many decades later, a rush of adolescent emotions streams over me just thinking about the moment that that postcard announcement arrived. For the first time in my life, I was holding the ticket to my adulthood.

A local church (not ours) sponsored the soiree. At ensuing installments, we would put on our glad rags, groom ourselves and strut our stuff; sometimes without even having a date lined up. Listening to a band from several neighborhoods away seemed so exotic to us pre-teens!

School Dance

Then, while in high school, our clique would travel to an auditorium or a gymnasium in a different part of town to hear cover bands battle for supremacy. Later still, in college, concerts meant going into the city with a new set of mates, or even crossing the river to more foreign land - New Jersey. 

An ever expanding social circle was being created, but immaturity dictated that we still gravitated towards people with whom we could relate – people that “looked like us” in the broader (and sadly, narrower) sense.  We consciously segregated ourselves by age, ethnic makeup, music preferences, jocks & hippies…

In today’s social media environment, de-facto silos often serve to differentiate the communities in which we “live”. Created by algorithms and fed by our association preferences, these groupings sometimes limit rather than expand our reach. Unfortunately, by surfing exclusively in these waters, we are unconsciously establishing entry barriers to the engagement and networking that we seek.

Overt marketing efforts further complicate our task.  Trying to blast our sales messages across a platform often serve to alienate the objects of our advances. We want them to “like” us, “1+” us; “favorite” us; retweet us; share us; validate us – and most of all, buy from us.  They, on the other hand, might just be ignoring our advances.

Are we attractive, trendy, relevant, engaging, interesting, fertile, successful?  Did they check our teeth?

Horse Teeth

Romancing between businesses must entail more than putting lipstick on a pig and broadcasting the results.  Our inducements might be divided amongst a finite universe of buyers, while an extended universe of sellers concurrently vie for our prospect’s affections.  This loss of exclusivity eliminates one’s franchise value.  There may be lots of fish in a bigger sea, but there are also infinitely more fisherman trawling for them.  Is our quest for relevance in e-commerce leading to the opposite result?

What’s a marketer to do?  Engagement may or may not come by creating value through content marketing.  Like Willie Sutton robbing banks because “That’s where the money is.”, progressive enterprises must go where the people are. Increasingly the people (and the other businesses) are online.

Despite Stephen Hawking’s protestations to the contrary, in a post-internet artificial intelligence world, people still do, and will do business with people.  What will make you and/or your business intriguing enough for others to engage with you?

Where the People Are

Upping one’s game should encompass content creation, curation and syndication and include graphics and video.  Monitoring and analytics will remain a key indicator of waypoint results.

Just because you’re meeting in a new online circle, unique brick & mortar propositions should not be dismissed as archaic. Websites, too, have their place in an app-crazed world but they must be responsive so that they function properly on all devices.

Establish a social media calendar and pay close attention to frequency and relevancy.  Conversion is but one metric to be followed.

Consider outsourcing the quotidian aspects if you are a novice and/or lack the time and resources to consistently engage with your soon-to-be raving fans.

Networking outside your silo could expand your horizons. Try a new platform, increase your group of friends, do more business outside of your comfort zone. 

Getting  your business online is just the ticket to the dance.

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