Monday, November 10, 2014

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by Joe Ferri


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Choosing The Right Dishwasher:

When choosing the right dishwasher, here are a few things to consider:


1) What is being washed-


What kind of establishment is it? Example: If the establishment is primarily a breakfast place, they are serving meals high in starch and protein (pancakes and eggs) that stick to the plates. This means that a high temperature dish machine is recommended. A low temperature machine will not break down proteins easily and the dishes may require several passes through the dishwasher to achieve desired results.


                                                     2) Capacity Requirements-


How large is the restaurant? At the restaurant's busiest time, what is their turnover rate? How many pieces of ware will they use per seat? (High-end restaurants tend to use more pieces of ware for one sitting). Also, be sure to account for the ware used to prepare and store food such as pots and pans,

sheet pans and mixing bowls.


3) Space limitations- 

How large is the dishroom and the dimensions of space for pre-rinsing, washing, drying, sorting, etc.? How large a machine will fit? Is the existing duct work adequate or will a hood or vent need to be installed?


*The Insinger Commander 18-6VG and

Admiral 44-4VRS eliminate the need for a hood.



4) Energy Efficiency-


Consider the water consumption and electrical usage.




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