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The Foodie Quipper:

by Joe Ferri


Commissioned Rodeo Clowns
Joe Ferri


Lead, follow or get out of the way.  Aspiring business people get that advice all too often.  While basically correct, another dimension to commercial interactions looms larger when one makes their living in sales and marketing.  This rings particularly true for outsourced sales professionals.

Blocking tacklers, cross-checking defensemen, the pick-and-roll, and yes, the rodeo clown all conjure up images that exemplify a rep's daily dance. 

Like those professional athlete's whose job entails keeping the key players out of harms' way, so too the professional sales representative's quotidian responsibilities encompass running interference. 

Agents and brokers advocate for both sides of every transaction, interjecting themselves into the middle of commerce, without actually being a "middle-man".

Attempting to describe this nebulous process continues to be problematic.  Each participant in a transaction typically enters into it with a preconceived notion of the other's roles.  When expectations are unfulfilled, it is not unusual for the manufacturer's rep to be called in as an arbiter.

Sometimes maligned by those who directly benefit from the effort, the services that a rep provides are mostly opaque to their trading partners (by design). This particular role of interjecting ones' self into conflict is the least heralded of the myriad tasks performed in the service of a principal, client and/or end-user.  While often the most challenging, it is also the most rewarding when accomplished to everyone's satisfaction.

Finding compromise in an uncompromising world without compromising one's values, reps, brokers and agents provide the solutions that keep the bulls running without gorging the cowboys innards out.

Rodeo Clown

For Laughs:

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  • Hatco has discontinued production of the PMG-60 and PMGH-60 gas boosters. Other models are still available.


Equipment Focus:




When restaurant owner, Bill Guth, was designing his new eatery, Hops Culture in Aspen, he wanted to create an atmosphere and menu that gave the customer a dining experience with a unique point of view.


The 150 seat restaurant and bar offers over 200 craft beers with at least 30 selections on tap. The menu focuses on comfort food with a twist-gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese and huge seasonal salads. The table ware is just as unique as the menu. Your meal arrives in mini cast iron skillets or galvanized pails and cocktails are served in Moscow mule copper mugs.


Behind the scenes there is a lot that goes into maintaining a successful restaurant aside from food preparation. With such a large focus on beer, wine and specialty cocktails, the need for a constant supply of clean and sanitized glasses is a high priority. That's where Insinger comes into the picture-behind Hops Culture's 27-seat bar is a batch style Insinger GW-40 Glasswasher, cleaning up to 800 glasses per hour.


With the unique table ware that Hops Culture depends on, they knew that had to select warewashing equipment that would treat their serving pieces kindly but also be able to handle the hardworking cookware. The Insinger CS-5 door Type Dishwasher, with the ability to clean 65 racks an hour (1625 dishes), was the perfect choice.



GW-40 Glasswasher

·        Batch style

·        Built-in detergent, sanitizer and rinse-aid dispensers

·        EZ-Clean wash and rinse arms: simple daily maintenance

·        All components accessible from the front for easy service

·        Scrap screens provide full coverage

·        SureFire® Start-Up & Check-Out Service

·        Heavy duty stainless steel construction


Batch Advantage

Energy savings in water and chemicals

Money saved on glassware from less breakage




Batch vs. Rotary 


  • Only runs a cycle when initiated by the operator
  • Glassware is secure in a rack
  • Glassware is removed in racks and easily stored
  • Fresh water rinse is running as long as the rack is turning. One glass will start the full rinse
  • Glassware is not stable
  • Glassware must be removed and stored from the unit individually



CS-5 Chemical Sanitizing Single Tank Door Type Dishwasher

·        Timed wash and rinse cycle

·        0.72 gallons/rack

·        65 racks per hour or 1625 dishes per rack

·        Fully automatic

·        RackAwareT™ Automatic Rack Sensing System only runs a cycle when a rack is present 

·        Selectable 2 minute extended wash cycle

·        Field convertible straight through to corner 

·        Digital temperature indicators for wash and rinse temperature





 Factory News

  • Blodgett has announced new openings for their July training!


  Blodgett Training   

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Joseph J. Ferri, CFSP, CPMR Editor

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