Monday, September 15 2014

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The Foodie Quipper:

by Joe Ferri


           Because I'm Happy


Ed Pecinka



When I was a little kid, I pondered why both my dad and his older brother had the same nickname: “Happy”.  It only occurred to me in my adult years that this was meant as an ironic sobriquet by those Greenwich Village youths of so long ago.

While “Hap” was still alive, he taught me to live in the moment; he inspires me to this day.

I am equally inspired by all of those optimists and starry-eyed Pollyannas who continue to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. 

Since 9/11 2001, we have been subjected to the grumpiest, foulest mood that our nation has ever borne witness to.  The grouches have held sway, believing in the worst in humanity, and acting commensurately.

From my vantage point, though, the tide seems to be turning.  The givers are taking turf back from the takers; the takers are ceding mindshare to the givers.

While euphoria may not hover on the horizon, collective depression based on our shared circumstances might just finally be ebbing.

As the bromide insists, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”.  Even though storm clouds are forming around the world, we do have much to be grateful for.

Have you noticed the wealth of internet chatter revolving around thankfulness?  Recognizing it goes a long way in creating a positive attitude.

We must first be content before we are happy with our circumstances, and not just idly waiting for happy circumstances in order to find our contentment!

Like turning an ocean liner around, gratitude will slowly lead us from this nadir. 

Where does this newfound positivity emanate from?  One can always interpret the financial numbers to suit our particular biases, so citing positive indicators won’t help much.

In truth, I believe that we tire of our grand funk.  We are wearisome of the nattering naysayers of negativity.  We’re appreciative of current opportunities and anticipative of the coming better days.

Americans are poised to recapture the hope that hallmarked our nation’s founding. We will rediscover the trust in the future that subsequent centuries of immigrants rejoiced in.  We can and will recapture our national pride.

How do I know this?

Because I’m Happy.


BTW, my sister is no longer known as “miss-hap” (she got married…).



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