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The Foodie Quipper:

by Joe Ferri


                    It’s Showtime!


Ed Pecinka





Every year, whether we want it to or not, the IH/M&RS – International Hotel Motel and Restaurant Show comes to the Javits Center in New York.  Like clockwork, I miss my mom’s birthday, and prepare for 3 days (it used to be 4) on the show floor peddling my wares.  This will be my 39th such extravaganza.


Why do we do this?  Are we masochists?  In a post-industrial, wired-up world, what value is derived by “pitching our tents” and displaying our latest merchandise in the modern equivalent of a bazaar (or is that “bizarre”)?


Virtual shows abound on the internet.  The phenomenon of “showrooming” predominates in retail.  Literature and specifications are more easily accessed electronically. What can we possibly hope to accomplish by spending ridiculous amounts of money to allow a dwindling supply of unengaged potential buyers to “kick the tires” on our goods?


From the attendees’ perspective, trade shows seem to be an endless cacophony of carnival barkers trying to hook you into their booths.  Food events, in particular, seem to bring out the worst in human nature, with exhibitor and attendee alike jostling for their entitlements of the meager comestible samples – especially during lunch hour.


Exhibitors are tasked with drawing folks into their lairs to demonstrate, elucidate, educate, and yes, capture the sales leads.  So what is this dynamic?


It is a rhythm as old as time, where the seduction and promise of fulfilling needs is played out time and again.


There’s just no other venue as engaging as the physical marketplace of the trade show floor.  Where else within a few days’ timespan can you re-connect and network with the vast majority of your colleagues trading the latest gossip and trends?  Where else can you gauge your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses so readily?


The trade show format is also ideal for seminal events – the addition (or retiring) of products, associates, and entire enterprises are typically debuted at these events.


Under one roof, a savvy badge-holder can traverse all of the aisles and find solutions to most of their business problems (even those that they weren’t aware that they had).  New technologies, new ideas & concepts, and emerging trends are all there for absorption into the psyche.


Connecting with old friends, making new ones, attending educational seminars, tasting different foods, experiencing all that is emerging in the foodservice world are the overwhelming reasons why we come back year after year.  Engage with us at the show.  Now you know why.


It’s Showtime!


  Pecinka Ferri at IHMRS  

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See it all at the IH/M&RS Booth 1802




We are at it again: See us at the International Hotel Motel and Restaurant Show

Booth 1802

November 9-11, 2014

Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City


Registration is free is you use the code: PF2014



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Joseph J. Ferri, CFSP, CPMR Editor

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