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What was it that I was trying to remind myself of, with finger tied with string, I wondered.

Staring into the mirror it finally occurred to me; it wasn’t string at all, it was floss, and I was in the middle of brushing my teeth.

Have you ever shown up in a room with no idea why you were there?  Driven somewhere familiar with no recollection at all of the trip itself?  

Each of us has core competencies that require little active thinking to accomplish.  We work by rote and somehow finish the tasks.

After the requisite thousands of hours of doing something, we will have become proficient at it.

Our comfort zones in the work-a-day world clearly defined, we rarely venture out of the quotidian grind.

What of personal growth?  Do we make the time to learn and try new things, see new places, experience the unknown?  For most of us, these adventures if embarked upon at all, are confined to our private lives. 

Our public lives must be tended to with as much foresight as our domestic hours.  A set of clearly defined goals can bring clarity to our life’s work, providing a roadmap to our career destination(s).
Setting aside time for professional planning (in and of itself a major planning exercise) might just get relegated to that list of tasks that never gets tackled.

So many folks that we know are adrift at sea, without so much as plunging oars onto the water to guide their journey. Having the current pull towards the abyss must not substitute for a life’s plan. 

Goal setting begins with identifying our absolute truths, those undeniable factums that guide our existence.  These can provide a scaffolding upon which to hang the strategies and tactics that we need to accomplish in all of the various silos of our lives.

 Change is in the air: the final quarter of year, the elections, change of seasons. This juncture affords us a great opportunity to establish or revisit our priorities.  
The unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates)
 Where are we going and how are we getting there?  Will our lives be like the self-driving cars, or will we chart our own divergent course?  How will we know when we arrive?

The journey and the objective are intertwined, let’s remind ourselves to stay awake en route.

Holding vs. Transporting 
 What’s the Difference? 

65 years of experience has taught us there’s a BIG difference between a holding cabinet and a transport cart.  Remember this RULE OF THUMB when choosing a cart:

You can use a transport cart as a holding cabinet,  but DON’T use a holding cabinet as a transport cart.

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