🌂 The Wet Side 🌊

I’ll drink to that!

I’ll drink to that!

You know us for the “hot side”; you know us for the “cold side”.

How much do you know about our “wet side”?

I’ll Drink to That!

Middleby Beverage Solutions

Compact and versatile, the S200 is the ideal solution to support premium coffee programs. It effortlessly performs back-to-back espresso brewing and milk steaming using powerful, individual heating elements and PID temperature management software. All Synesso machines are backed by an industry-leading 2+ year manufacturer’s warranty and are hand-built in Seattle, USA.

Our most popular bean-to-cup coffee brewer has patented Accelerated Low-Pressure brewing technology. The AscentTouch brews coffee the way roast-masters intended: perfectly ground, brewed and prepared one cup at a time. This unit offers up to four independent grinders so users can brew four distinct coffee roast, both hot and iced, in less than 30 seconds.

Dispenses nitro-infused and still cold-brew coffee.
Includes: refrigeration cabinet, dispensing tower with two tap heads, tubing and hardware, black tap handles, drip tray, and casters.
Convection cooling system provides a quick cool down and consistent temperature.

Hands-free delivery of ice is available up to 75 feet away from the dispense point with Follett Remote Ice Delivery Equipment (RIDE®). This eliminates the expense of removing heavy ice machines during cleaning and allows for more thorough sanitizing. RIDE discontinues manual filling and customer interruptions. Scheduled maintenance can be performed without disrupting service.

With the Deutsche Mixing vessel, differentiate your restaurant with craft specialty beer and cocktails, cold brew and tea with flavor additions and more. What customers envision becomes a reality with our technology. Complete with CIP assembly, sample valve, PVRV, temperature and pressure gauges, motor and impeller and SIEMENS control options.

Refreshing display of beverages with attractive black powder-coated, matte finish side panels and plastic grille with a robust stainless steel front panel. Minimal parts for simplicity and cleaning, including removable drip tray and cup rest. Other features include long-life compressor for less maintenance, quiet operation, smaller in size, continuous lubrication.

The 3.5 bbl | Ss Brewhouse shares many of the same features as the larger Pro brewhouses. The frame-mounted components, brewer-centric valve tree, grain-out door, milled false bottom, and the patent-pending internal calandria define this as a genuinely professional-grade brewhouse. The 3.5 bbl size is the sweet spot for a start-up brewery, brewpub, or the perfect pilot system for a larger production brewery.

Wireless, fully programmable liquor dispensing technology that delivers real-time pour reports, bartender accountability, liquor sales reconciliation and efficient sales records. The spout technology provides up to 4 programmable pour sizes per spout. Also, there is a 200’ radius of operation with RF communication that won’t interfere with customer Wi-Fi and the spouts recharge in less than 90 minutes.

It’s almost a rite of passage in a restaurant…the newbie is the one that is in charge of filling up the ice dispenser.

What if we told you we had a product that would allow your employees to focus on more important tasks instead?

Our Follett hands-off, ice ride system delivers high-quality, chewable ice from a central location to anywhere in the restaurant.

No more filling ice machines, which saves on labor and improves safety, and better tasting beverages for your customers!