🌜When the moon hits your eye like a big πŸ•

🌜When the moon hits your eye like a big πŸ•

You need to do pizza? 

We got ya’ pizza equipment right over here. 

Mixers? We got three leading brands.

Refrigeration? Check – walk-ins, reach-ins, dough retarders, prep tables…

Displays? You bet!

Oh, & ovens? Boy, do we have ovens: BlodgettMarsalTurboChefMiddleby MarshallDoyon(not to mention Southbend, Lang, Wells, Hollman…)Just about everything you need, including the kitchen sink.

And did we mention that most of it is live and operating at our Culinary Center in Fairfield, NJ for testing, recipe & menu validation (and lunch too)?

The Association for Healthcare Food Service of New York Presented β€œMindful Eating for the Beloved Community … Plant Base Culinary Clinic” at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) this week.
Team Pecinka Ferri was there in force.

We were baking at the IRFSNY & The Vegas Pizza Expo; see how we did.

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