🍝 Dishing It Out 🍛


You can dish it out, but can you take it (to the dishroom, that is)?


Careers are born in this, the unglamorous corner of the professional kitchen.


Hot and steamy, smelly and noisy, we often neglect the dish area.  Whether in the budget, design  construction or operation phase, the dishroom usually gets short shrift.

Custom Sink

Why should we look closer at this “necessary evil”?


💰  Why, follow the money trail, of course!  💰


The obvious areas to measure (and then save on) are water and energy consumption.


But what of chemicals, labor, tableware “shrinkage” (no plates don’t actually contract in hot water), leasing vs. purchasing, ventilation, morale and of course front-of-the-house impressions.


Let’s do a deep dive with our friends at Insinger Machine.

PMS 300 Insinger

In the ever-changing world of the food service industry, companies are constantly being acquired and merged. Employees are being forced to learn new roles and take on new responsibilities which they might not yet be familiar, such as designing a dishroom.


Here at Insinger, we have established a family-oriented culture that has been in place for 125 years. We have the processes and procedures in place to make the necessary changes at a moment’s notice and do it all with a smile. Located in Philadelphia since our inception in 1893, we continue to provide top notch customer service to our countless customers across the globe.

Super 106

Designing a dishroom can seem like a daunting task to some. Take advantage of our resources. Allow our skilled team of engineers to design the back of your house for optimum flow and efficiencies. Utilize our skilled installation team to construct your dishroom and add extended warranty to the life of your Insinger Machine!


Rely on the family that has been a part of the Northeast community for five generations, and that has the knowledge to take that large project off your plate, so you can focus on the “wants” of your customer rather than the “needs.”


Contact our valued reps at Pecinka-Ferri to see how Insinger Machine Co. can work for you.


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