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People Who Need People
by Ed Pecinka

It was a fellow New Yorker, Barbara Streisand, who made famous the phrase “People Who Need People” some fifty years ago when she performed this hit song while starring in the movie, Funny Girl.

As we have come through the first quarter of 2018, this phrase has permeated virtually every conference and industry event I have attended while I find it becoming part of my daily dialog, as we all strive to position ourselves in the ever-changing distribution supply chain.

Whether it be listening to presenters from Amazon alongside our NAFEM partners at the MAFSI Conference, speak frankly about future E&S fulfillment or the open dialog and panel discussions with foodservice operators and design consultants, speaking about their wants and needs now and in the future at the SHFM Critical Issues Conference, it has become very evident that although the “transaction” process may change, people still buy from people.  They want and need relationships, they want and need trained professionals that can provide them solutions, before, during and after that transaction.

I have been enlightened.   I am excited to see the increased interest in “suppliers” looking to become the “trained, professional solution providers” the market is clamoring for. Our training center has been buzzing with interest.  Come join us!

In the foodservice world, “People definitely need people”.  Make sure you are positioned, networked, and trained to provide the value that will make you among “the luckiest people in the world



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