🔢 The Wholesomeness of Some; the Sum of the Holes ⛳

The Whole is the Sum…. by Ed Pecinka

The supply and service chain of our industry is made up of multiple professionals and companies with individual knowledge and expertise , all with a  common goal of providing the end user customer with the right products, services and support that will allow their businesses to operate as smoothly as possible in the hectic world of foodservice.
We are all dependent upon each other and it is proven that the most successful professionals have surrounded themselves with a network of employees, manufacturers, manufacturers reps, dealers, consultants and designers as well as installers and service companies who they can rely on to “have their back” and visa versa.
This was very evident this week as MAFSI hosted our industry for our annual Golf Outing and Awards Dinner.
This event brings our all the “parts” of your industry to enjoy friendships, develop new relationships and honor those who have made a mark on our industry.
It was also shown as the AHF, New York and New Jersey, hosted events that brought out their “networks”
We were pleased to be part of all of these events and a “part” of our marketplace.
It is true that “the whole is the sum of its parts”.
Having your own “network “ of experts who have your back will not only lead to your success but will place you and your company in the best position to succeed.

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MAFSI GOLFCraig Cooper of Advance-Tabco is bookended by Brett and Rick Sher of the award-winning Day & Nite / All Service team.


MarsalRockin’ it at the Pizza Show in Atlantic City

Pizza show


While portion packets may have their place in the food service industry – drive through, carry out and delivery – they often end up wasting a restaurant more money than they’re worth.

They leave behind a mess, and often aren’t completely emptied before they’re thrown away. Diners take them to their tables by the handful just to leave them behind, and – let’s face it – how many people actually feel comfortable using hand-me-down packets? Not many.

Not to mention each packet contributes to an ever- growing amount of packaging waste.

Switching to bulk pouches from packets can save you $34.74 per case.

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Meanwhile, at the SHFM Conference…

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