๐Ÿ”ฅ Cookin’ With (or Without..) Fire ๐Ÿ”Œโ„

Robo-Cook II
At Work in Todayโ€™s Futuristic Kitchen ๐Ÿ”Œ
by Andy Roid Weber, BBQ
Robo-Cook had been working alongside his kitchen-gardener, the Germinator at the Paddy Oโ€™Furniture Virtual Pub for some time.  Together they led the fight for clean food, growing flats of microgreens, and nitro-brewing coffee, tea and Italian sodas.  Rumors on the (pedestrian only) street swirled that theyโ€™d been transported from a future air-polluted Gotham by Porcupine.com (delivered by time-travelling drones).
Garden Chef
Porcupine had lost its bid to open a third second headquarters in San Francisco. Locals there – who were receiving universal basic income – spent their idle days protesting against any cafeteria equipment manufacturers who were not paying their robots at least $15/hour.  The company decided to manufacture their burger-flipping androids and micro-green gro-cabinets at one of their other-second-headquarters instead.
Tender Chef
Paddy Oโ€™s waitron, Rosie was out walking their cyborg pet Astro, when she was alerted to the familiar โ€œDanger, Phil Robinson, Danger!โ€  coming from their 120 square foot kitchen.  It seemed that not only had the walk-in door been left ajar, but the salad robot was out of pumpkin seeds.  Jumping onto her Segway, she sped back past Uber Eats driverless cars. Upon arrival she discovered that: big data had already been transmitted from the appliances to upper managementโ€™s mobile devices, that an alert was issued to the headsets in the kitchen, and that HACCP violations had been recorded online.
Kitchen Brains

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