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🔧 Unfulfilled Service Expectations 🔌

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Somewhere between a factory deciding that they’ll ship a sub-par product to be “fixed in the field” and an end-user proclaiming “get YOUR equipment out of here, and get me a new one” is a less polarizing alternative.

We’d all like to think that jobsite conditions are always as portrayed by those eager to move the process along, and that utilities are matched to the equipment delivered.

In a perfect world, installers would know what they’re doing, dealers and reps would survey sites, and manufacturers would administer the process fairly, leaving service companies no need to demand credit cards to cover potentially non-warranty issues.

Briefly, more open & honest communications and less quibbling would go a long way in fulfilling expectations.







☀ Welcome Summer Solstice 🌞

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The longest day of the year, summer solstice is upon us.

Barbecues, trips to the beach and vacations are on our minds.

We plan on bringing you some interesting “summer reading” in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned…

Take advantage of the longest days of the year while they last:
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  • Please note that Stefano Tarani is no longer with Pecinka Ferri. 







🍓🍓 Juicy Treats 🍓🍓

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Finally, fruit!

Strawberries are ripe and ready.  Locavores rejoice!  Along with the springtime staples of ramps, garlic scapes and asparagus, the local farms are rolling out their long-awaited 2016 early crops.

Thus begins this year’s produce bounty; we can again revel in the regionally grown, and support sustainability.

Get out to a local farm and pick some or pick some up.


We enjoyed hosting another lunch & learn experience at our Culinary Center in Farfield,NJ.  This time, we went full-bore, hands-on!

Our dealer guests rolled up their sleeves, and helped our Executive Chef Nicholas Mercogliano, CEC hand roll cavatelli, make a brown butter sage sauce, grill asparagus (in our Hoodini), and hand dip farm-fresh local strawberries in chocolate (with assistance from our Server Products temp-controlled warmer).

This was our first chance to show off our experimental veggie garden.  We were able to infuse Natura Water with some of our fresh mint as well.