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Hodgepodge 😜

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A Poem by Meghan the Vegan:

I must have my meal
But cannot eat veal
I cannot eat eel
A banana I’d peel!
I cannot eat lamb
I cannot eat ham
Who will advise me
What’s in that canned spam?
I can’t have scungilli
But might have fusilli
As long as the sauce
Resists meat at all costs
I’d love some blueberries
Or even ripe cherries
I’ll leave the lobsters
To gangstas and mobsters
I cannot eat custard
Tho’ slathered with mustard
For me, there’s no quails
No entrails, no snails
Although it seems quirky,
No turkey, no jerky
No scrambled eggs
Nor fried chicken legs
I cannot eat clams
But love the grape jams
Who’s gonna tell me
What’s in that canned spam?
With all that’s at “steak”
Just let me eat cake

Lakeside Social Distancing
Lakeside Problem Solutions
COVID Solutions

Kitchen Brains Open For Business

Introducing Scrub Buddy. The first and only scheduled handwash reminder and timer to fight the spread of COVID-19 and keep employees and customers safe.

Dispense-Rite Summer Special

Ancestral Math

☀ Fun in the Sun 🌴

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It is the mid-point in summer 2020.  Remember summer?  Beach trips, vacations, country fairs, parties?

They can still be a part of life in 2020; they certainly will return stronger than ever in the coming brighter future.

Here’s a few reminders of what great summers can look like, from festivals to al fresco, there’s still plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun.

Pitco Fryapalooza

Share your best fried fare with us to win the blue ribbon prize at Fryapalooza 

Support your favorite local chefs & cooks

Don’t miss out on sharing your favorite fried foods this summer, share them with us and we’ll be sharing our favorite videos on all our social channels. Share your video on social media and use #fryapalooza for an additional chance to win!


  • There are no limitations on recipes, fry any food you can
  • Submissions must be made between August 1, 2020 through September 7, 2020
  • To read the rules in full, visit our official Fryapalooza blog post
  • Prizes are awarded to the chef or cook who submits the video here

ITI is introducing new stainless steel items – perfect for the times we are living through.

Festival Cups
Cacuum cups
Drinkware solutions

Our Beverage portfolio now includes brewery equipment!
Call us for more information.

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