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👻 Casper’s Cauldron Cafe🎃

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Casper’s trick to the success of the Cauldron Café was to treat everyone to a frightfully good menu. It featured ghoul-ash, deviled eggs with a side of monster mashed smothered in graveyard gravy and a killer pumpkin pie for dessert. After the pandemic lockdowns, however, there was only the ghost of a chance that patrons would be goblin’ it up on-premise. 👺

Dinner was now a spooky affair, as foot traffic trickled down to just the masked zombies of the graveyard shift, leaving his dining room full of only cobwebs. 🕸️

Now in the fog-filtered moonlight of autumn, the grim reaper struck again. Casper had known about the skeletons in his chef Wendy’s closet, but never guessed that she’d turn out to be a witch on that frightful night and walk out during service. 🧙🏼‍♀️

He needed to act decisively to keep those blood-sucking creditors at bay, as the specter of defeat was not one he could conjure. 🧛

Luckily, technology came to his rescue. 💻

  • With the addition of ventless cooking, Casper was able to easily expand his cook line to accommodate hosting virtual concepts. 🍳
  • With robotics, he could operate with just a skeleton crew.  🤖
  • Third-party app’s agents appeared like apparitions and expanded his appeal to the WFH crowd. 😱

Casper’s Cauldron Café was transformed into a friendly neighborhood ghost kitchen. 👻

The new menus were all wicked good, including the recently added super-natural foods.  Fright Night was their biggest gross.  🎃

The staff all agreed to attend the Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum to scare up more information.  As you well-know, the devil is in the details. 😈

Blue Zone logo

Air Cleaning to Bring People Back, Safely

Blu zone podium
Introducing the NEW Ready-To-Go Tower with Bluezone model 450 installed. This plug-and-play air purification system destroys airborne viruses including corona-virus in occupied spaces. That’s right, it’s safe to operate 24/7. Available in black and white and quick to ship.
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The factors impacting the risk of contracting the virus are clear: the risk is higher in enclosed, crowded, under-ventilated spaces where people spend long periods of time.
Bluezone air cleaners, using germicidal UV, have been tested to kill more than 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants in indoor spaces. The system, which does not require a filter, is proven to destroy infectious viral aerosols. Third-party laboratory testing has demonstrated Bluezone technology kills 99.9995% of the MS2 bacteriophage (SARS-CoV-2 surrogate) in a room-sized test facility. Test Results

How it Works:

  1. Air is pulled into the air cleaner
  2. Virus, mold and bacteria in the air are killed using germicidal UV light
  3. Purified air is returned to the space
  4. No UV light is emitted into the room

The Results:

  1. Viral load in the air is killed
  2. Airborne transmission is significantly reduced
  3. No requirements imposed on customer or employee behavior


As costs continue to escalate in the market, manufacturers are seeing increased impacts to products in areas such as components, raw material and freight. Outbound freight is a piece that has been more elusive to understand immediately, as costs are more easily seen on incoming freight with components and raw materials, less so after the fact on outbound freight, in the form of increases combined with surcharges.

As we understand the impact outbound freight costs are truly having, we find it necessary to pass along a portion of the outbound freight escalations beginning November 8th, 2021. Orders in house at each Middleby Division shipping on or after November 8th will have a freight surcharge rate of 4.0% applied to them. This will give you the opportunity to arrange for a different freight means for your orders if you should choose to avoid the 4.0% surcharge. Once orders leave the respective facility, there will be no reversing of the surcharge.

As a reference for the above surcharge, freight has increased 25% – 30% for domestic road rates, not including surcharges, varying by route and distances. These staggering costs are not only seen as direct costs, but additional surcharges added makes it harder to calculate the cost impact until it is rolled up afterwards into the true cost of the product transportation. These total cost impacts to previously determined free freight levels are the reason surcharges are being applied to orders in house.

As we see freight stabilize, we will be able to return to a normal pricing position in the market. We foresee an increase to free freight terms in the new year and feel we will be able to capture current changes in the new freight policies.

See the Silent and Functional

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💰 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes💱

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Major price increases are on tap November 1st

Please get you orders in (for shipments prior to February) in order to beat the price increase.

This is not a drill.

Due to supply chain snags, labor shortages, general inflation and commodity speculation, manufacturers costs continue to soar.  There will be no additional grace periods.

The Pizza Bot 5000 – PB5K by L2F, a Middleby Company, is coming to New Jersey.

It will be just one of the breakthrough technologies running live at the Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum on November 16th. 👻

See how it can automate, save on labor and food waste, & enhance consistency.

Robot meets cheese, sauce, pepperoni & dough and magic ensues.

Pitco Frialator is Getting a New Home

Pitco new factory

According to general manager, Karl Searle,  “This new world-class manufacturing facility will be instrumental in preparing Pitco for its next level of growth ”

The 356,000 SF plant, when completed will replace the current three factory sites, consolidating manufacturing under one roof and dramatically increasing production capabilities while remaining in Concord, NH.

The most comprehensive line of decorative food warmers at the lowest prices.

Decorative Lamps
baselite logo

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Getting ducts in a row

🤖 Fearing Robots and Ghosts👻

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The Dayton Slicer 😱 

A nightmare at the Elm Street Grille

It began as an ordinary dinner service, but as the dark and foggy night wore on, a strange foreboding overcame the staff. 

There were stiffs in the dining room, plates dying in the pass, and blood on the butcher block. Would the pumpkin pie be 86’d before the shift ended?

They’d never been able to keep up with this volume before.  It seemed almost magical how the tickets kept flying from the POS to the dupe rack on the Advance Tabco chef’s counter.  Servers became transfixed on turning more covers than they ever had. 

To keep up this pace, wait staff conjured up an image of to how to eliminate that lingering four-top. They bussed the ITI tableware long before the last morsel was stabbed by a fork. Would crop-dusting the dining room rid them of those pesky campers forever?  Probably not, as they seemed be buried in those enchantingly comfortable GAR chairs for eternity.

Could the nightmare end with the chef found buried in the weeds, or cowering in the Bally walk-in?

But the front of the house hadn’t counted on the Foodiequipper’s transfiguration of the back of the house.

In the kitchen, it seemed that the new equipment was possessed!  The new Dayton (Globe) Slicer worked more effectively than any other had (it was said that it thrashed the competition).   At his Continental Refrigerator salad top station, the garde manger was finally able to keep up with the sous chef, who was killing it on his Jade Range suite.

The grill station was knocking them dead with chicken from the MagiKitch’n charbroiler, burgers from the Star Ultramax griddle and spooky fries from the Pitco Frialator.

Hot app’s were flying out of the Blodgett & Southbend convection ovens.  The home-made bread from the Doyon bakery equipment was to die for.  The TurboChef’s performance was nothing less than transcendant. 

The crew wondered aloud whether the BlueZone air purifiers were keeping the spirits at bay that night.

When daylight finally broke the spell, they all shrieked “why hadn’t we opened a ghost kitchen instead”? 👻


We’re working on some really cool new technologies.

More to come in the next few installments.

New Freight Challenges for Factories
Keeping you abreast of the latest issues

“We want to make you aware of the shipping challenges we are facing which affect how freight is delivered to your customers.  

Several terminals each week are closing inbound lanes due to over capacity and labor shortage. If we have freight in a terminal that closes temporarily, it can be delayed 2-4 weeks. When these shut downs happen while we have freight in transit, it is either brought back to us without notice, or it is routed to another terminal.

This can cause delays up to several weeks.

We also are having to ship in smaller quantities in more shipments on LTL. There are linear footage and weight maximums. Since our freight is heavy and dimensionally large we must partial ship many of our orders.

So one order can come in several shipments and on different carriers.

Pricing on truckload shipments are very high, which also necessitates dividing orders among different carriers. More LTL shipments on the road also increases the risk of freight damage.

Lastly, the majority of the LTL carriers have suspended any expedited freight services. They cannot handle them at this point.”

Rest assured our

Customer Service

and Shipping

teams continue

to work to find

the best shipping

options for all of

our customers

Mitch Cohen – Blodgett
Lakeside ingenuity o wheels
Touchless TradeShow

Let’s Play   

      Experience “what could be” like never before. With individual profiles, you’re able to see what’s new in foodservice equipment with answers to your toughest challenges. 
From kitchen work support to storage and transport to mobile merchandising, everything you need is viewable with the click of a button in the newest Lakeside virtual experience.  
Find your next “go-to” piece of equipment by searching here.    


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When your food delivery robot knows you are about to go off of your diet

🤔 Discovery Day💡

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Delve into discovering some new ideas for Discovery Day.

Foodservice is as broad in scope as are the cultures it emulates.  Beyond cuisines, we find great disparities in service, mores and traditions. 

Preparation styes and equipment vary immensely.  Components such as seasonality, daypart, temperature preferences, levels of sweetness, salinity, umami, sourness and bitterness all conspire to constitute a diverse palatte (and palate).

Get to know a few more unfamiliar aspects of our comestible heritage today.

If it is one thing we have clearly learned during COVID, is that the social isolation & boredom has had a massive impact on the quality of life of folks in Residential Care.
Research during COVID is showing us that the Homes that have a more relationship centered focus (versus task focused) have been more successful in ensuring residents are connected, less apathetic and have better health outcomes.

Proven solution for hundreds of Health Care Communities:

SuzyQ cart by Lakeside



Combi Ovens are available

Just a 7-day lead-time!

Eating is Believing

You haven’t seen what we’ve added? 



Ghost Chef

Our inaugural 2021 Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum is on track to exceed the extraordinary success of our 2019 Pizza Forum. Ghost Kitchens represent Foodservice’s ultimate de-coupling of production and fulfillment.
Ventless tech solutions enable commercial kitchens to operate in just about any space. Together they create a powerful disruptive force.

We’ve recognized that, as major retailers have adopted the ghost kitchen model, there is a growing need for an overview of the concepts, planning, development, and execution of successful operations. Our Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum will be showcasing both the nuts and bolts of ventless appliances and the many nuances of ghost kitchens.

We have planned a complimentary day of mock-up ghost kitchen and live cooking vignettes by our chefs in the various environments on ventless appliances, along with a classroom component centering around costing, menu development, marketing, real estate, and technology, with speakers from the operator and the manufacturing communities.


Close Enough

📻 10-4 Good Buddy 🚚

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This week begins with 10/4.  That means “understood” in radio parlance. 📻

How much do we really understand?  Apparently we only retain 15% on average of what we “learn” – unless we review it.  What lessons have we learned in the last 17 months?  Much of that body of knowledge is rather dark in retrospect, and many woould rather forget most of it. 🏫

To move forward one must continue to strive to learn.  To break from this morass, we need to broaden our horizons.  To borrow a phrase, in foodservice, “It’s a great big world out there, someone’s got to furnish it”.  🍳

With all that is new in the industry, with all that has changed, how do you keep abreast of it all?  In- person learning is necessarily making a comeback.  Industry events have finally safely and successfully resumed. 🎫

There are a plethora of highly anticipated affairs next month. Will you be rejoining the community in person?  Will we see you in November? 🙌

10-4, good buddy…

CTX oven ad
Featured at the Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum 11/16/21

Featured at the Ghost & Ventless Kitchen Forum 11/16/21

Bread is like the sun.