Pecinka Ferri Beverage Division

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A Refreshing Place to Quench your Beverage Needs

At Pecinka Ferri Beverage Division, we aim to optimize the beverage aspects of your business through expert knowledge, top quality products, and ongoing support. We are here for you every step of the way to ensure you have everything you need to keep both a drink in your customers hands and smiles on everyone’s faces.

Meet our Beverage Specialist

My name is Terie Osusky. I have been with Pecinka Ferri the past 5 and a half years working in the office and eventually reaching an outdoor sales position as Beverage Specialist. My Goal in this position is to earn a reputation in the industry as someone you can trust for knowledge and assistance in the world of Commercial beverage equipment. Please contact me at any time to discuss equipment, beverage industry trends or just to say hi!

Terie Osusky
Beverage Specialist
(973) 826-4522 direct dial
(973) 812-4277 extension 1010

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