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🍵 Soup’s On 🍲

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The weather is souper!

Thyme to start thinking about stew, broth, chowder, goulash, stock, gumbo, pottage, bouillon, and consomme’.

And what better accompaniment to a hot bowl, than fresh-baked bread?

Mibrasa recipes:
Monkfish stew with peas and potatoes


ITI Soup Ramen

ITI continues Refreshing the Tabletop® with the introduction of new soup and noodle bowls. Chefs today are taking ramen in exciting new directions. From the West Coast to the East Coast, foodservice patrons are enticed with bold and interesting new flavors. The versatility of ramen means that a chef can put his or her own twist on the dish, trying out countless variations in broth, toppings and seasoning.

The Trends:
“Authentic ramen made with high-quality ingredients has taken the noodle dish far beyond the familiar convenience food, and the National Restaurant Association’s annual What’s Hot culinary forecast has named ramen as a hot trend every year since 2013.”
— TMI Trading, 04/2018

“Mazemen—a kind of deconstructed ramen—is more about the noodles than the broth. Translated as “mixed noodles,” the dish is composed of ramen noodles napped in a small amount of sauce instead of swimming in a bowl of broth. The noodles are traditionally topped with Japanese ingredients…But some places are customizing mazemen with crazy combinations like smoked salmon and cream cheese.” –Restaurant Business 11/2017

We are pleased to offer a variety of bowls for presenting these trending noodle dishes. Check out our new Shanghai Bowls with Asian inspired decorations or choose from our many traditional white bowls.

Look to ITI for a full collection of Noodle Bowls offering the right design, size and capacity; for more information download the Soup & Ramen Bowls Flyer.

Gently Used Equipment Up For Grabs

AEF035 Spiral Mixer 208-240 / 3 Minor surface blemishes only
AEF035SP Spiral mixer 208/240/1 Minor sufrace blemishes
BTF060 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 New Planetary Gear Ass’y
BTF060 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 New Planetary Gear Ass’y
BTF080 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 Minor surface blemishes only
BTF100 Planetary Mixer 208-240 / 3 Minor surface blemishes only
DLF18 Fondant sheeter 120/1 Minor surface dents
DSA330 Divider/Rounder 120/1 Surface blemishes on front.
DSA336 Divider/Rounder 120/1 Reconditioned,excellent condition
DSF022 Divider/Rounder 120/1 Minor surface blemishes only
EM20 Planetary Mixer 120/1 Low usage hrs., minor blemishes
PIZ3G Pizza Oven 120/1 Minor scratches

Doyon, the premier supplier of foodservice bakery equipment, now makes it even easier to make some dough baking up some bread.

Soup Kettle


🔢 The Wholesomeness of Some; the Sum of the Holes ⛳

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The Whole is the Sum…. by Ed Pecinka

The supply and service chain of our industry is made up of multiple professionals and companies with individual knowledge and expertise , all with a  common goal of providing the end user customer with the right products, services and support that will allow their businesses to operate as smoothly as possible in the hectic world of foodservice.
We are all dependent upon each other and it is proven that the most successful professionals have surrounded themselves with a network of employees, manufacturers, manufacturers reps, dealers, consultants and designers as well as installers and service companies who they can rely on to “have their back” and visa versa.
This was very evident this week as MAFSI hosted our industry for our annual Golf Outing and Awards Dinner.
This event brings our all the “parts” of your industry to enjoy friendships, develop new relationships and honor those who have made a mark on our industry.
It was also shown as the AHF, New York and New Jersey, hosted events that brought out their “networks”
We were pleased to be part of all of these events and a “part” of our marketplace.
It is true that “the whole is the sum of its parts”.
Having your own “network “ of experts who have your back will not only lead to your success but will place you and your company in the best position to succeed.

MAFSI Golf Follett Sponsor


MAFSI GOLFCraig Cooper of Advance-Tabco is bookended by Brett and Rick Sher of the award-winning Day & Nite / All Service team.


MarsalRockin’ it at the Pizza Show in Atlantic City

Pizza show


While portion packets may have their place in the food service industry – drive through, carry out and delivery – they often end up wasting a restaurant more money than they’re worth.

They leave behind a mess, and often aren’t completely emptied before they’re thrown away. Diners take them to their tables by the handful just to leave them behind, and – let’s face it – how many people actually feel comfortable using hand-me-down packets? Not many.

Not to mention each packet contributes to an ever- growing amount of packaging waste.

Switching to bulk pouches from packets can save you $34.74 per case.

See how here!



Want to see other ways Server can save you money and reduce waste?

Calculate your ROI with the ConserveWell™!

Read about our Eco™ Dispensers!

Meanwhile, at the SHFM Conference…

Bill Adams


🍰 Paddy Cake, Paddy Cake 🎂

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Are you interested in raising revenues?

Do your bakery sales fall flat?

Do you want to make some more bread? Earn some more dough?

Well, stay right there.  Have we got some equipment for you!

Doyon Rounder Video


TEDDY is a strong, professional 5-litre mixer for small daily tasks in the bakery, kitchen or laboratory. Smart Danish design with a focus on ergonomics, hygiene and easy cleaning, and the quality to handle hard work, year after year.


Varimixer logo

  • Advance-Tabco will be holding most prices through January 1st – flyer prices may be higher (check AutoQuotes)

  • Bart Polacsek named Group VP of Sales for Blodgett and Pitco groups of companies.

Pizza Pasta Show

gluten free

🍃Do Not Fall Behind 🎃

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Happy Autumn

Fall is in the air; We’ve made it 3/4 of the way through the year.

Just three months left to get done what needs doin’ in 2018.  Goals, budgets, projects, quotas – all need to wrap up in the 13 remaining weeks.

Not a lot of time when you consider holidays, events, and usage of time-off balances.

What are you waiting for?  Let’s get moving!

Blodgett has a few remaining guest registrations at no charge for the Atlantic City Pizza & Pasta Show.

Use Promo Code EXIV815712

Guest Registration Step-by-Step:

Go to

1. Click Register to Attend:


2. Click Attendee:


3. Enter First, Last and Company Name – Click Search:


4. If you do not find your name, Click Name is not Registered:


5. If your company is not listed, Click I can’t find my company, Start a new registration:


6. Enter Promo Code which will save you $40 off the onsite rate.


Make sure you do not to choose Manufacturer/Supplier and NON/EX  as your Business Classification. Those titles are considered a company that should be an Exhibitor and they would be charged a fee. Please select a different business classification.

  1. Complete the registration.


  1. Each guest will received a barcoded email from Experient (the Registration Company). Check your Spam folder if you do not receive your registration confirmation. Badges are not mailed. You will need to bring the confirmation email and ID to the Attendee Registration to print out your badge.

If you have any questions regarding your registration or if you do not receive a confirmation email, please call Experient at 800-974-7916 so they can look into it for you.

See you soon in Atlantic City!

International Pizza Expo| Pizza & Pasta Northeast |


Southbend Logo

You can almost make out the Pecinka Ferri Team Members attending the recent Southbend Training!

Southbend Training 9-18

  • Continental Refrigerator has published an interim price list supplement, effective October 15th, 2018.  Please ensure that you are using the correct pricing! 


  • Also, this just in from Continental:  Please click here
    if you do business in California. 


👯 Team Work 👬

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By Ed Pecinka

After coming to the end of week one of a new football season ( and a nice Jets win I must say), I am reminded of the correlation I have always loved between sports and a successful business organization.
Teamwork is essential to winning in all aspects of life.
Knowing and embracing that we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses is the first step to building a successful team.
For the coach or manager, putting each “talent” in the right place, giving them their individual assignments, and trusting that they will do their job will make for the most consistent result.
Take a punt return in football, the ultimate display of teamwork….

The coach may put his fastest player with the best hands back to return the punt. The goal is to return it as far as he can down the field.
If the superstar doesn’t have all
of his 10 other teammates blocking the opponent/ completing their assignment, he isn’t going to get too far, no matter how good or fast he is.
Have you ever seen a punt returner get creamed!!!!  Look it up on YouTube. Not a pretty sight!
We all feel like that sometimes, don’t we?
In today’s fast paced and intense business environment, teams are not just people in your own company or place of business, they are those people or businesses that help you do your job, “teammates” who you can count on to fulfill their “assignments”, that have your back so you won’t get “sacked”.
As the season moves along, be your own team owner and coach, think about who you want on your team so that you can be successful on the path to you own personal Super Bowl.

Explore the new CookTek induction offerings: 


SinAqua Souper



There really is an “I” in team!

I-in Team

It’s the A-hole!





👍 Terrific 👌

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The Sincerest Form of Flattery by Ed Pecinka

It has been said that Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
We have all seen things that have impressed us to make them part of our daily lives.


A mentor once told me that in his mind, LISTENING was the sincerest for of flattery. Customers, friends, your family all are looking for that “special someone” who will take the time to really listen.  I found it ironic that one of feature courses that is part of the Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative program, that we have sent our people to teaches you listening skills.

In today’s fast pace world, where it is difficult to have a conversation without someone checking their phone for the next email, text, tweet or Facebook posting, communicating and “truly listening” is becoming a lost art.

The information you get from a real conversation is priceless. Listening to the tone of someone’s voice you can tell if they are joking, being sarcastic, truly desperate, all things that you can’t tell in an email or text.

So the next time you are planning to text or email someone some delicate information, “flatter them”, pick up the phone and have a real conversation.

I think you will be surprised at the result.


Free Flatware

Bally Northwind Blast Chillers

Bally’s Northwind Blast Chillers chill food quickly and safely without freezing to help keep you out of the danger of violating stringent food safety requirements.
During cooling, the worst danger of contamination occurs as foods drop in temperature from 140ºF to 41ºF aptly called the “Danger Zone”. Under HAACP (The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) regulations, potentially hazardous foods may not remain in this “Danger Zone” for more than four hours; a Northwind Blast Chiller cools food in two hours or less.A Northwind Probe and Monitoring System keeps allows you to control and verify your food cooling practices as required under HACCP. Our standard monitoring package uses a probe for accurate tracking of internal temperatures, while giving continuous digital temperature readouts.

Bally Northwind Blast Chillers accommodate the rolling racks already in your kitchen, and their wide roomy doors meet the requirements of the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act. The Northwind 500 offers Bally chilling technology in a compact unit, while the 1000 provides the chilling volume required for heavy-duty institutional or commercial food service operations.



🔢 Coloring by the Numbers 🎨

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Ed Pecinka


After spending the last couple of weeks traversing the Metro marketplace providing demonstrations and training for the many new and remodeled schools we have been fortunate enough to supply equipment for, it has become evident why this time, Labor Day, is referred to by many as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

After recharging our batteries in the summer, September allows us all to “start anew”, “hit the reset button”.

School children are all a year older ( at least academically) branding new clothes and shoes. In my case, my youngest son started his first year of college, beginning a new life and career.

This is the perfect time for all of us to take a deep breath, refocus, and put strategies in place to close 2018 strong.

Get yourself something new to wear, a new china pattern, or better yet, a whole new kitchen.

Enjoy the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.


MBB Header


Southbend Ultimate

🔧 Parts Unknown 🔨

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Being a former Parts Manager, I am still haunted by the part numbers of the O-rings that I handled over thirty-five years ago.  Things have transitioned quite drastically in the intervening decades.

Oh, there are still those “Parts-Changers” employed as field techs, preferring to just replace components in foodservice equipment instead of trouble-shooting and repairing the machinery.

But there’s a revolution that’s taken place in the area of parts order fulfillment, and it’s gone on largely unnoticed by us in the foodservice equipment and supplies community.
Big parts houses, now peopled by easily recognizable industry names, have transformed a former ancillary part of our business into a profit powerhouse.

Many manufacturers and importers have opted to farm-out their replacement parts business and warranty administration to these mega-jobbers, preferring instead to outsource and delegate this former step-child of the industry. The investment in inventory has thus been shifted from local players, and from factory warehouses to regional entities.

Technology’s rapid advance has created additional burdens on the availability of replacement parts, as electronics components quickly turn into obsolete shelf stock.  Service agencies object to investing in deep reserves of items that may become irrelevant in short order, while operators and factories decry the constant need to overnight-ship parts that should really be stocked locally.

Formerly, non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts made up the core inventory of service vehicle stock.  It’s not all ball bearings these days: Ain’t nothin’s standard! Due to the increasing sophistication of foodservice equipment, SKU’s for component parts have increased exponentially.

As with so many other endeavors, the internet plays a huge role in breaking down regional barriers and controlling profit margins.  It also figures in significantly in identifying componentry through on-line schematics libraries, which can be easily accessed through mobile devices by all concerned, including kitchen staff.

“Parts is Parts”, except when they are an “accessory”.  Many factories will restrict the sale of parts to only the authorized service agencies, and refer even dealers and reps (in addition to end-users) to them.

Accessories are usually described as components that don’t require tools to remove, and are made available to the dealer community, but discounts from list price often vary from standard equipment pricing programs.  Who determines what discount is given and where do you get them from?  Can dealers still sell parts profitably?  Are they generic enough or if specialized, readily available?

Answering the supply chain questions effectively for component parts will increasingly prominently figure in the equipment selection process.

It really is the parts themselves which are warrantied in the equipment anyway.
Remember, the whole is more than the sum of the parts; and some of the parts made leave you in a hole.

A perfect fit can deliver precise portions every time. Whether it’s dry foods, sweeteners or seasonings, Server Dry Dispensers increase profits and operational efficiency by providing a solution where you need it most.
Already know which dispenser you need? We make it easy to find a rep/dealer near you.
Increasing your profits
is our privilege.
Receive helpful tips and tricks on how Server can help you Serve Better.
get the scoop





Pecinka Ferri’s Joe Ferri Jr. joins the NJ AHF Chapter for a group hug at last week’s National Conference in Minneapolis.


Remembering where you came from.

What a pleasure to get to see the man who mentored so many of us in all facets of the  Foodservice Industry.
Sharing time with “Mr Pitco” Tom Cassin.
Ed Pecinka and Former Pitco and Blodgett President, Tom’s Son in Law, Phil DeiDelori

The General

Dr Evil Says

👢 Re Boot 👢

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How are things at your place? 2018 has passed the midway mark, and reassessments are the order of the day.

At Pecinka Ferri, we’re re-focusing on professional kitchens, and supporting our dealers and manufacturers who supply the components that make them hum.

You have many choices when it comes to choosing equipment and supplies; we are grateful that you often chose us and our brands!

DispenseRite Banner

DR2DR logo

Ventless Wednesday

For more photo’s of the event, CLICK HERE

This just in from Ed Pecinka:

Blodgett 2.0
Had the opportunity to visit the new Blodgett facility this week.
After 150 years on Lake Champlain, the Blodgett Brands have been moved to a newly refurbished 250,000 Sq Ft facility in Essex.
This former Green Mountain Coffee facility is now poised for future growth.
Send your orders !!!

Blodgett Box



🐶 Dog Days 🐶

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Ventless Wednesday Event

Ventless Wednesday

Join us on Wednesday 8/15/18 as we present a primer on the recommendations and requirements for ventless installations.

All commercial kitchen designers and installers will benefit from the presentations by factory engineers from Wells Manufacturing & Blodgett and representatives from TurboChef.

Wednesday 8/15/18,
First session 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
repeats 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center
3 Spielman Rd.
Fairfield, NJ 07004
(973) 812-4277

Lunch will be served – prepared on our ventless equipment!

Learn what you’ll be encountering as these technologies roll out & become the standard!

Four Prescriptions to Treat Your
Freight Capacity Symptoms

by Dave Dewalt

As we work through the dog days of summer, the symptoms of unprecedented freight capacity shortages continue to spread.  They include:

  • A skyrocketing ratio of “loads available” to “trucks available”
  • More late deliveries due to Hours of Service and ELD rules
  • Carrier resistance to multi-stop loads
  • ….and of course record high (and rising) transportation costs

By now, Supply Chain Managers have pulled out every trick in the book to ease their pain.  They’re optimizing dock operations to reduce driver waiting time so they don’t end up on a carrier’s “bad shipper list.”  They’re increasing the use of drop trailers to add flexibility, and investigating rail and intermodal options where they make sense.

But Marketing, Sales, and Finance have an important role to play in this battle as well.  Your price structure, order policies, and r




Shareables and samplers are a great way to increase profits and ITI offers a large collection of porcelain sampler accessories including sampler trays and bowls.

Snacking is driving demand outside traditional dayparts; 91% of consumers 
snack multiple times per day. – Hartman Group, The Future of Snacking 2016

42% of consumers strongly agree that ordering small plates is a great way to share dishes when dining with a large group. – Technomic, 2017 Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report



Our Slider Plates are designed to provide an attractive and unique way to serve appetizers, shareables, side dishes, and small portions. This fully vitrified, bright white china, pairs beautifully with Chef’s Palette™.

Learn More







Our Porcelain Presentation Platters offer a unique opportunity to mix party plateappetizers and sauces/dips on a single plating surface.


While Party Plates function flawlessly alone, we have provided several versatile paring options to enhance the overall presentation.

Learn More





In order to improve our availability of accessories to our dealer partners, Pitco is proud to announce our partnership with Parts Town. Currently Parts Town is carrying Pitco, MagiKitch’n, Anets and Perfect Fry accessory inventory and will provide the highest level of service for your Pitco brands requirements.
Effective August 13, 2018, Parts Town will be the sole source for all accessories ordered outside of those purchased with equipment.

Doggie Melt