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📷 Check us out 📹

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A few installations to ponder; a new event for you to attend; and the boys put out a new video.

Evo Demo

We are having a sale on Nitro Coffee equipment.

Contact us for details

nitro coffee

Continental refirgerator

Check out these shots of the Continental glass top unit that John took at a new installation in Connecticut this week.

Continental refrigerator

And while we’re at it – here’s our latest FireX installation – Multi Cookers perfect for pasta.

Firex Multi Cookers

The Price increases are coming
 The Price increases are coming
 The Price increases are coming
Several of our manufacturers will be adjusting pricing going forward into 2020.
Watch this space for information

Water on Mars

🔥 Cookin’ With (or Without..) Fire 🔌❄

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Robo-Cook II
At Work in Today’s Futuristic Kitchen 🔌
by Andy Roid Weber, BBQ
Robo-Cook had been working alongside his kitchen-gardener, the Germinator at the Paddy O’Furniture Virtual Pub for some time.  Together they led the fight for clean food, growing flats of microgreens, and nitro-brewing coffee, tea and Italian sodas.  Rumors on the (pedestrian only) street swirled that they’d been transported from a future air-polluted Gotham by (delivered by time-travelling drones).
Garden Chef
Porcupine had lost its bid to open a third second headquarters in San Francisco. Locals there – who were receiving universal basic income – spent their idle days protesting against any cafeteria equipment manufacturers who were not paying their robots at least $15/hour.  The company decided to manufacture their burger-flipping androids and micro-green gro-cabinets at one of their other-second-headquarters instead.
Tender Chef
Paddy O’s waitron, Rosie was out walking their cyborg pet Astro, when she was alerted to the familiar “Danger, Phil Robinson, Danger!”  coming from their 120 square foot kitchen.  It seemed that not only had the walk-in door been left ajar, but the salad robot was out of pumpkin seeds.  Jumping onto her Segway, she sped back past Uber Eats driverless cars. Upon arrival she discovered that: big data had already been transmitted from the appliances to upper management’s mobile devices, that an alert was issued to the headsets in the kitchen, and that HACCP violations had been recorded online.
Kitchen Brains


 🔥Mibrasa Charcoal Oven/Grills kill it. 🔥
Mibrasa Oven/Grill
Premium charcoal cooking equipment line of Ovens, Parrilla Grills, Robatayakis and Hibachis, featuring the benefits of cooking with live fire. 
Mibrasa products are extremely well crafted, highly robust, safe and easy to use and control.
  Leading US Chefs use Mibrasa in their restaurants 
· Rick Bayless – Lena Brava, Chicago
· Paul Kahan – One Off Hospitality, Chicago
· Josiah Citrin – Melisse ** Michelin and Charcoal Venice, Los Angeles
· Ilan Hall – Ramen Hood, NYC & Los Angeles
· Geronimo Lopez – Botika Pearl, San Antonio
· David Orozco – Asadero Prime, Seattle

chewblet ice

diet ice

📹 Let’s go to the video 💻

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Tech was front & center at the NAFEM show this month. Interconnectivity between various appliance brands and devices was extolled. Robots mixed, poured, cooked and served. Big data was collected, parsed analyzed and acted upon. And video was EVERYWHERE!

Digital Disruption
Rich from Malachy Mechanical talks digital disruption on the NAFEM show floor

Carter Hoffmann
Stunning new tech at Carter-Hoffmann / Doyon / Nu-Vu

Continental REfrig
This is how we make refrigeration, right here in the USA

Sharing Carts
Sharing Carts

These are really terrible food jokes





Questions or Comments


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😏 Looking Forward 👀

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😏 Looking Forward 👀

2019! Looking forward to a year of opportunities.

Pecinka Ferri heads to the NAFEM show reinvigorated, with a newly enhanced identity. 

Joe Ferri Jr. will immediately be assuming the position of Vice President of Project Sales for the firm in his coming new role as partner.  He has also been elected President of MAFSI Region Three. 

Kevin Dube has been appointed our Office Manager; please congratulate him when you see him either at NAFEM or at the New York Show in March at Javits.

Our (somewhat) recent additions of John Alfano and Amir Kamal have given us much-needed additional coverage. 

We are grateful for the chance to serve all of our constituencies.

Coming soon to a trade show or event near you… 

😏 Looking Forward 👀

GAR Products Introduces:
 GAR 2019 Collection

😏 Looking Forward 👀

Middleby 2019 NAFEM
CLICK HERE for more
Insinger 2019 NAFEM

Groundhog Day the Sequel

🍗 They’re coming soon… 🎉

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See what we've cooked up at past parties, come to this year's for...


Thursday December 6, 2018
 from 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM

 at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center

You won't want to miss the surprises that Chef Nick has cooked up this year.

GAR Banner

📅 Mark That Date 📌

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Thursday December 6, 2018
from 1:00 PM until 9:00 PM

at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center

You won’t want to miss the surprises that Chef Nick has cooked up this year.

Chef Nick

Kodiak Video

See how TruVection stacks up.


Southbend Logo

Mibrasa Demo

Globe BoGo

Honor the Vet's

🙈🙉🙊 You NEED to know 👀

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Here’s a few things that you’ll need to know:

  • All fired-up over charcoal ovens


  • The upcoming pricing adjustments are almost upon us.


  • An industry icon has decided to leave the company.


  • The Hoodless Horstman rides again.


  • The BDNY show is imminent.

Mibrasa Video

E&S Prices are going up!  Some have already.  Please ensure that you place orders in a timely fashion to avoid the deadlines.


Here’s what we know so far:


  • Advance Tabco will publish a new Product and Price Guide and Sales Flyer, effective January 1, 2019 with an approximate increase of 4-6%

  • There will be a price increase effective January 1, 2019 affecting all Middleby Foodservice brands.

  • The 9/23/18 Continental Refrigerator supplemental price guide is now in effect.

  • The Sandstone Group (Alluserv, Geneva, Lakeside, Made to Drain) will implement new pricing on December 3rd, 2018.

After almost 32 years at Follett and 25 years as President, Steve Follett will be transitioning out of the business by the end of the firstSteve Follett quarter of 2019.

On January 7, Korey Kohl will start as president of Follett.






Have you read our seasonal blog in TFS?

Hoodless Art






💨 Duct Season is Over 🌀

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Ventless Wednesday Event

Ventless Wednesday

Join us on Wednesday 8/15/18 as we present a primer on the recommendations and requirements for ventless installations.

All commercial kitchen designers and installers will benefit from the presentations by factory engineers from Wells Manufacturing & Blodgett and representatives from TurboChef.

Wednesday 8/15/18,
First session 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
repeats 1:00 PM-3:00 PM
Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center
3 Spielman Rd.
Fairfield, NJ 07004
(973) 812-4277

Lunch will be served – prepared on our ventless equipment!

Learn what you’ll be encountering as these technologies roll out & become the standard!


PMS 300 Insinger

Ventless Rack Conveyor

Admiral 44 with VRS – Ventless Reclamation System


  • 233 racks per hour
  • 0.63 gallons per rack final rinse consumption
  • VRS (Ventless Reclamation System) Heat Recovery
  • No hood required (Refer to your local building code)
  • Recirculating wash and fresh water final rinse
  • Superior cleaning action with the patented CrossFire® Wash System
  • Telescoping doors provide wide access into the machine for quick and efficient service and daily maintenance
  • Color-coded curtains make replacement error-proof
  • High torque drive system
  • Designed for left or right hand travel as specified
  • SureFire® Start-Up & Check-Out Service


Spec Sheet

Tech Manual

VRS Addendum


Like so many hoodlums wearing hoodies in the ‘hood, many commercial kitchen devices masquerade as ventless appliances.

In breathless whispers, their marketers try to hoodwink us into believing that all are altruistic Robin Hoods – removing effluent from the bad air and giving forth good air (“just follow the blue arrows on the diagrams”).

An exhaustive search of the available technologies would yield relatively few that truly could be classified as a Ventless cooking apparatus in the first place. Many perform the heating function, rethermalizing pre-cooked foods with conducted energy, microwaves, steam and the like. Others can finish par-cooked products – melting, toasting, and/or caramelizing.

Typically only electric-powered equipment  – with their lack of attendant products of combustion – can respire comfortably in this space. Grease-laden vapors, effluent, odors, particulate and condensate all must be mitigated through mechanical means. Mandatory too, fire suppression must be addressed. Catalytic converters, charcoal and specialty filters, precipitators, ionizers, et al provide the mojo “under the hood” of many of these modern marvels.

Now, take a deep breath: duct-season is over.

WElls Ventless


Pre-approved NFPA96 hoods that require no ductwork are available for various electric cooking appliances.





HoodiniCertain mini combi ovens use a blend of the above technologies to provide bona-fide ventless primary cooking, allowing operators to prepare a varied menu including whole muscle proteins (from raw to finish)!Perfect Fry

Deep fryers with mechanisms that automatically dispense product are self-contained, with fire suppression and extensive filtration on-board .

Slow cookers such as cook and hold ovens and water circulators for sous vide (due primarily to the low temperatures involved) require little attention to ventilation issues.

Varied operations can benefit from these new and emerging technologies including, but not limited to airports, sports venues, casinos, shopping malls and bars.

Many municipalities may require a hardship waiver to allow for their installation and operation, but I suspect this will fade as Ventless cooking becomes more ubiquitous.

There are several national restaurant chains already employing the concept of ventless and ductless.  We expect this trend to intensify as competition to shrink footprints, environmental impact, and build out and operational costs intensify with the onslaught of the Millennial generation’s perceived needs.

“We’ve always done it this way” will no longer be tolerated, particularly when so much is at “steak”.

OK, now exhale a sigh of relief, from Hood Brook ME to Mt. Hood OR, you can find opportunities for ventless commercial kitchens.

Now I’m exhausted.

TurboChef ECO