๐ŸŒ€ Changes Blowin’ in ๐ŸŒ€

“The only thing that is constant is change” Heraclitus once said.  You have certainly taken notice that disruptions great and small are occurring with an ever-accelerating frequency, rendering a new normal on a daily basis.

2017 will go down as one of those seminal moments when the world has rebooted.  Foodservice is not immune from the effects of this renewal.

Mergers and acquisitions, career detours, new alliances, and the ever-morphing supply chain are symptomatic of seismic shifts in the lives and livelihoods of the denizens of HoReCa (Euro-speak for Hotel, Restaurant and Catering – AKA “foodservice”).

The very notion of “food away from home” – as the US government defines what the industry does – is being challenged.  Fortunes will be made and lost in the ensuing years as the industry re-aligns.

Buckle in for a bumpy ride as the opening salvoes of the campaign hit their early targets.

Please note that Jason Kellish has left his position with Pecinka Ferri Associates.  We wish him all the best in all of his future endeavors.

Hospitality Glass Brands have opted to utilize a factory-direct approach in the New York Metro market, and thus ends our affiliation with them.

Blendtec and Lancer will be restructuring.   

  •  Blendtec will again handle all sales and service for North America and all International not outlined below.

  • Domestic purchase orders again will now need to be made out to Blendtec

  • Lancer  will handle all sales and service for the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

  A special pricing promotion has been offered to herald in this change!

MagiKitch’n has streamlined their outdoor cooking equipment product lines. MagiCater and MagiKitch’n fryers will be the only “al fresco” product offerings now going forward.