🚀 Future Foodservice Procurement ✨


There was once a case to be made for three quality & pricing levels for foodservice equipment and supplies: the much-vaunted price-value equation.

If you are like most folks, this system provided an easy way to distinguish and fit into an operation.  Just choose between “Good, Better, or Best”

I remember the sales trainer, Fred Herman relating the story of walking in to a client with a large sample case.

The prospect asked “What’s in that case?”
To which Fred replied “I have a splint for a broken leg, but first I gotta find out where you’re hurting!”

Through technology and globalism, today’s specifier has an ever-widening array of choices of products to fulfill a specific need.

What might be the ideal solution for one application – the “Best” might only be “Good” for another.

As rep’s offerings expand to provide multiple products in several categories, we hope to be better able to give good advice on the best product for our clients.

But first we have to find out where you’re hurting!

Please note that Marsal has moved up to Vermont with sister company, Blodgett.  All manufacturing and support will be handled from there.


Some Handy Price List Dates:

  • Advance Tabco January 1, 2017, 2018
  • Blodgett Brands 10/1/17
  • Dispense Rite 1/1/18
  • Continental 1/31/18 3%
  • Star Holding 1/1/18



SAVE THE DATE: December 7th, 2017:

Our third annual Open House/Holiday Party!

We have established the following new email addresses to assist you with all of your needs:
Orders@pecinkaferri.com  for order submission
Service@pecinkaferri.com for service requests
Customerservice@pecinkaferri.com for inquiries and issue resolution
Sales@pecinkaferri.com for product information
Please begin to use these addresses as soon as possible, so we can better assist you.

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