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You do know that our new facility is in the “Garden State” right? And New Jersey has the very best tomatoes, no?

Well say no more! We’re planting our vegetable and herb garden alongside our new culinary center in an effort to embrace #Farm2Table.

It is our hope to be serving you up some of our sustainable treats at harvest time, grown right here in Fairfield, and expertly prepared by our culinary team.

Pecinka Ferri Farmers

Farmers at Pecinka Ferri

“Farmers” shown here Terie Osusky, Joe Ferri  Joe Louis Ferri (AKA Junior…)

Click here for more photo’s and to check back on our seedling’s progress: http://tinyurl.com/pfgarden

New Option For Henkelman Vacuum Sealers = More Intense, Tastier & Quicker Marinated Food

MArinating with Henkelman

Henkelman Boxer

See Henkelman at booth # 9547 NRA SHOW


Water the way nature intended

Natura is also showing at booth # 7933 NRA SHOW

Please join us in welcoming  Pecinka Ferri’s newest
team member, Kevin Dube’.

Kevin started with us on Monday as our bookkeeper

(973) 812-4277(973) 812-4277 x 1003.


HIMI Products to be featured at the NRA SHow

HIMI Comes to NRA


Irnox will be cooking at the NRA Show

Irinox Does NRA

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