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Yeah, We Got That

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By now, you’ve heard about the supply chain issues:

  • Microprocessor shortages
  • Lack of empty containers in exporting countries
  • Ships backing up in ports
  • Weather disruptions
  • Raw material hoarding

These are just a few of the factors causing delivery issues to increase for finished goods across a broad spectrum of industries.

The good news is that we have many prudent manufacturers that either have available stock or short lead times!

Call us or email us when in doubt, as we have such a deep bench that we can usually meet even the most demanding schedule.  

Yeah we got that!

Back By Popular Demand:

HOT Off the Presses With New Products:

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Chef Nick shows us what a Bldogett Combi can really do.

Counter Intelligence

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Almost all of your choices in food service equipment are now available in both floor model and counter models.

Choosing the countertop versions can provide some unique operator benefits, by de-coupling the functions of the upper and lower portions of a workstation.  Addressing each vertical component individually, in either preparation or cooking areas, results in a hybrid design approach. This, in turn, can have enormous bottom-line implications.

Providing that their volume is consistent with your needs, tabletop units can offer the flexibility and modularity that is essential in these rapidly changing times.  Baking in the ability to pivot into your layout has gained the greatest importance in today’s environment.

  • Equipment can be much more easily reconfigured to suit changing menus and/or evolving staffing.
  • Swapping out of individual pieces can be so much less disruptive to operations.
  • When the top and bottom half of the station are separate, long-term cost of ownership drops dramatically.


  • Provides the ability to easily mix and match side by side components.
  • Choose between a variety of bases including refrigerated, blast chilling and freezing, open and enclosed storage, proofing, heating, oven and even steam assisted ovens!
  • Ventless options in counter-top cooking equipment abound, opening up underutilized real estate.

The demand for countertop appliances has been growing rapidly. It is easy to understand why.
Smart operators have learned the advantages of counter intelligence.

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        2021_SNA NSBW Week 1 Winner Image.png   And the winner is… Congrats to Becky Fowler with Stonington Public Schools in Connecticut for winning the Week 1 10,000 Cool School Points!
Missed this week’s email? Chef Cyndie, from Culinary Solutions, provided a downloadable breakfast recipe, for an “egglette”, for National School Breakfast Week prep. 
Click here to get the download
We’ll be back next week with another yummy downloadable breakfast recipe. You’ll also have another chance to enter for next week’s giveaway, plus be entered for the Grand Prize.
Have a great weekend, 
The Lakeside and Multiteria teams (and Chef Cyndie)  P.S. Find additional student participation resources in the guide put together by SNA HERE.            

Boilerless Steamers

Change Is In The Air

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Change is in the air.

It is coming quickly.  Are you prepared?

Let us help you to address the coming adjustments.

We have the tools to assist. 

It’s time for us to get together on a plan make the most of this new and evolving environment.

Middleby Corporation has announced the following personnel changes:

Dave Brewer will be retiring at the end of 2021.

James K. Pool III has been named to chief technology and operations officer.

Steve Spittle has been appointed to chief commercial officer.

Korey Kohl has been appointed to lead the Middleby beverage group.

Najib Maalouf will lead the Middleby residential kitchen equipment group.

Group presidents John Perruccio and Jeremy Dobrowolski, in addition to their brand management responsibilities, will lead strategic selling and service initiatives in the commercial foodservice segment.

George Koether has been promoted to group president leading the Middleby business operations in Asia.

Martin Lindsay has been appointed to chief risk and administration officer, having served as the company treasurer since 1999.

Finance deal



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tea set

“T” is for Touchless.

“T” is for… Tea!

This time, the topics told tally to two:

  • Tea’s timeless tale
  • Touchless technology

Take time to take-in the totality.

The Team 

Tea Talkin’ with K-Dubes

Blue zone AD

Ice & Water Dispensing 
with no hand contact

follett logo

This is a Pick-Up…

Tea For Two?

Planning And Scheduling

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📋Planning And Scheduling  📅 “The New Norm”

By Ed Pecinka

Our industry has always been very reactive. “I need it now” ……. “I’ll be there tomorrow”, have been part of everyday conversations.  Now that we are well into “the new norm”, habits and businesses are changing, and we all need to learn and adapt.

Planning our calls and personal visits now requires filling out forms ahead of time and taking temperatures upon arrival.  We find that there are limited people now allowed in meetings and workspaces, making your time more focused and valuable.

 Manufacturers are limited to numbers of employees in their offices and on their plant floors. The same is “the new norm” at parts and component suppliers, resulting in extended lead times all throughout the supply chain.

Accepting “the new norm” will allow us all to creatively flourish in the days and months ahead.  Planning and scheduling will help us all navigate this “build to order” world.

Analyzing essential products to our businesses, doubling down on inventory levels, and placing more frequent orders for those products that the market demands will allow you to keep ahead of the curve and provide the value your customers are looking for.

Scheduling and setting “new norm” expectations will keep us all out of the jams our reactive world seems to create.

It is said that “the only constant in life is change”.  So let us all accept our “new norm” as the bridge that will proactively redefine our futures.

Middleby Financing Program Extended

Applications will now be accepted through April 1st, 2021

Middleby Financing

Fisher Faucet celebrates their 85th year in business

Fisher New Logo

Advance Catalog
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Request one here.

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Don’t be Left Sitting Out in the Cold

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With all that is going on, one might be forgiven to lose sight of their goals.  That is always misfortunate.

There is an awakening of optimism permeating the industry.  Are you poised to take advantage of it?

Don’t be left sitting out in the cold..


Flexible Features

Big bargains on closeouts and overstocks at GAR

The Modularm 75LC and new 75LCT Touch Screen from Kitchen Brains® monitor door status and alert the team if doors are open or ajar for too long.
These alarms increase team awareness and quickly modify their behavior, substantially reducing door open and ajar times.
In addition to the door ajar alarm, the 75LC and 75LCT feature temperature, AC failure and panic alarms, a built-in battery backup with recharging circuitry, and a patented, energy saving light control with motion sensor.
Order your Modularm 75LC or 75LCT today:

  • Save on energy costs by lowering electricity consumption
  • Extend the life of refrigeration components by reducing run times
  • Gain more effective defrost cycles with less coil icing
  • Get remote alarm notifications 24/7 with optional 75LC Communicator

For more information or to order:

Outdoor dining bernie

The Price Lists are Coming

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The Price Lists are Coming. The Price Lists are Coming!
 New Year = New price lists.

Not surprisingly, many of our factories have been (or have announced intentions of) publishing, albeit mostly digital, new price lists.  Please be aware, and take advantage of last year’s prices while you still can…

You will be pleased to note that, contained within these documents are many innovations now or soon-to-be available inspired by last year’s crises.

Additionally there are new deals, closeouts, and specials that are on the table right now.

Give us a call to take advantage of the bounty.

This is Life-Changing!

Pitco Price List

We are implementing a price increase that will go into effect on March 1st, 2021. This adjustment will allow us to continue producing at the level of quality and service you’ve come to expect from Lakeside. Any outstanding quotes at current pricing levels will be honored through the end of March, any orders received prior to February 28th and shipping before March 31st will be honored at current pricing levels. You can expect to receive a detailed price file with adjusted pricing in February. 

Spring is Coming

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Foodservice in 2021 (so far) looks a lot like foodservice in 2020 but not so much like 2019.

Can we expect accelerating trends in tech, robotics, off-premise, delivery, take-out?  When will dine-in be returning?  What will become of the shuttered spaces?

At the moment, we all have more questions than answers.  

While the industry looks ahead to a recovery in Q2, we have already seen encouraging signs of activity.  

The days are getting longer.  Spring is within sight. 

Spring is Coming to Pecinka Ferri

Synesso Espresso ad

Lakeside’s Enlightened Freight Policy

As we kick off a new year, we felt it a good time to re-visit the topic of concealed freight damage.  

Legally, it is the responsibility of the consignee to note any damage before signing for freight and this is printed largely on our packaging; however, we understand that there are a variety of factors that could prevent a full and proper inspection from being performed prior to the carrier leaving the premises.  

While it is certainly easier to be successful in a claim if the damage is noted at time of delivery, the good news is that we have 5 business days from the day it was delivered to notify the carrier of any concealed damage that may be discovered after fully un-boxing the freight.

If the freight shipped using our carrier, please contact us within 5 business days of delivery, and we will handle the claim for you!   We will also get a replacement order going right away.

If the freight shipped using your own carrier or logistics company, please contact the carrier directly within 5 business days of delivery to make the notification within the allotted time frame.   Then, give us a call and we will help coordinate replacement of product if you choose; however, the claim and any reimbursement that may follow will be handled between you and your carrier.  

Looking forward to a successful 2021!

Sara Neuhart
Customer Service Team Lead


Did I read that sign right?

On a door:


In a Laundromat:


In a department store:


In an office:


On a repair shop door:


One Last Look Back

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Join us on our journey into the new year as we look ahead to the opportunities on the horizon.  

But first, one last look back at where we’ve been…

In case you missed it:

Pecinka Ferri announced new lines:

We added new staff:

We promoted staff:

We made videos:

We expanded our offerings to include:

We’re here to help!

Year in review