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With our diversity of lines, we have the means to procure most anything for your foodservice project. 

With shorter lead times and deeper inventory than most, our factories are ready to ship what is needed for safe and speedy reopening’s

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Mixer Inventory Availability!

Are you having inventory issues on mixers? 

Currently we have 30 Qt  & 20 Qt mixers in stock, ready to ship today.

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A note from:

  1. Our current position on raw material S/S is strong.  Lakeside took advantage of inventory available early on.
  2. Only a couple of products are imported or would be affected by those current constraints.  The vast majority of our product is Milwaukee, WI, USA made. 
  3. We are seeing raw material prices going up.  There is strong indications of a price increase from Lakeside in the second half of 2021. 


Self-Contained Refrigerated Countertop Server

🌷 Life is for living 🌻

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Lighten up! Life’s too short. 

Take a lunch break out in the sun.  Grab a coffee with a friend.  Breathe some fresh air!

It’s high time that we get back to living as social creatures, reconnecting as humans.  The world is just not as serious as we’ve been led to believe it is.

Now that spring is in full-bloom, and life is being renewed all around us, let’s not ever waste it again.

Vow to rejoin the living; return to foodservice – the place where good things start.

Carter-Hoffmann PUC – Pick-up Cabinet
prominently featured in the new

Taco Bell Time Square flagship restaurant


Rise & Dine with ITI



Select models available in the following product categories:
Ultimate Series Range LineS-Series Range LineSL-Series Convection OvensB-Series Convection OvensHeavy Duty CounterlineConvection SteamersKettlesTilting Skillets
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🎸Restoring Rhythm

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The rhythms of foodservice supply have been temporarily disrupted. 

Normally, as March turns into April, the industry’s collective concentration would be directed at the school market, as well as the re-openings of seasonal businesses, and (not unimportantly) planning one’s own summer getaway.

The old routines may not be completely restored, but the healing effects of time, combined with human ingenuity will surely help us to reset our clocks.

With a raft of positive news finally emerging, we thought that a primer/refresher on some basics might be enlightening (and truly interesting as well) .  

Additionally, it has been been heartening to see the plethora of new products hit the market, just as it is primed to rebound.

fryer oil

6 Enemies of Frying Oil & How to Defeat Them

Fryer oil battles the day in and day out use, but there are some easy ways to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Take a look at the six most notable factors that can break down frying oil and make sure you aren’t prematurely degrading your resources.

ETP steamer advantages for Schools

Market Forge

• Built-in water treatment system- easier to change the filter

• Independent steam generator for each compartment- less water

• Slam action doors and door interlock switch- easy to access

• 60-minute timer- easy to use

• Can be used as holding cabinet- for those small school kitchens that need the flexibility to go from steaming to holding the product.

• Available in gas or electric

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The Ideal Solution For Flexible Hospitality Service

    Front-of-house design eliminates the need for linen coverings
    Durable construction – black powder coated
    Easy to clean and sanitize
    Use individually or combine various size tables 
    Easily positioned for flexible serving configurations
    Wide variety of top surfaces

hotel lobby showing lininless

Traveler Serving Tables Mobile – Modular – Nesting


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Shining a Light on What’s NEW

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If it’s new, it’s…                       HERE!
Take a look at what would have been premiered at the now-postponed trade shows.

We are happy to continue to provide you with all of the latest foodservice tech.

Stay tuned…


TurboChef Announcement.  

This changes everything.

2021 KI award winner:


🦁Out Like A Lamb? 🐑

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Are you jonesing for a holiday?  In March, we get 5 major ones in 11 days!

  • Ides of March🌹 
  • ST Patrick’s Day🍀
  • St Joseph’s Day🔨
  • First Day of Spring 📅
  • Passover✡️

 As we round the corner and plan our celebrations, let’s remember to stay safe, by following those hard-earned lessons of the past 12 months.

Happy Spring!

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Effectively Destroy Indoor Contaminants

Recently, Middleby debuted its patented air filtration technology, Bluezone® by Middleby. The innovation is designed to purify indoor air and destroy 99.9995% of infectious airborne particles according to a laboratory study. The always-active unit kills microbes, bacteria, mold and other indoor contaminants.

Middleby’s Scott Heim On Indoor Air Purification

Looking for a layman’s explanation and some guidance on how to improve your restaurant’s indoor air quality? Scott Heim, President of Middleby Ventless Cooking Solutions Group, and guru for Bluezone by Middleby sheds light on some of the science behind air purification solutions for indoor restaurant spaces, including one particular weapon of choice in fighting COVID and other infectious contaminants.

Contactless Pick-Up Cabinets (PUC)
by Carter-Hoffmann

PUC is a smart, self-serve, automated pick-up system that connects to foodservice POS improving service speed and offering no-contact pick up. For order pick-up of anything from hot pizza to a meal bagged to go, the Carter-Hoffmann PUC smart cabinet system offers a safe and secure automated environment for self-serve in a time where customer and employee safety is top priority.

Open Kitchen IoT Solution
Food Safety Application

Use the power of IoT to automate product quality and food safety procedures. The Open Kitchen Food Safety application offers temperature monitoring, real-time alerts, workflow processing, corrective action tracking and automated reporting. 

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Safe and Efficient Ice Delivery
From Follett

Ice has a huge impact on the beverage program of any establishment. The Follett remote ice delivery equipment (RIDE) automatically delivers no-touch ice to your fountain dispenser from up to 75 feet away. RIDE makes it quicker, easier and less costly to clean and sanitize both the beverage dispenser and the ice machine while giving your customers a more enjoyable fountain experience. For ice dispense, Follett also introduced the Touchless SensorSAFE Dispensing Kit which is now available for 7 Series and 15 Series countertop units.

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High Quantity, Large Volume
WOW! By Middleby Marshall

“WOW!” is the first thing operators say when they experience the high quality and large volume of pizzas made with significant energy savings in the Middleby Marshall WOW! Oven. The largest ventless pizza oven in the industry has the speed to consistently bake up to 74 pizzas per hour with energy savings of up to 30%.

The waffle baker is the STAR of the show in Chef Nick’s Spring Brunch! 

Waffle Bakers

Yeah, We Got That

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By now, you’ve heard about the supply chain issues:

  • Microprocessor shortages
  • Lack of empty containers in exporting countries
  • Ships backing up in ports
  • Weather disruptions
  • Raw material hoarding

These are just a few of the factors causing delivery issues to increase for finished goods across a broad spectrum of industries.

The good news is that we have many prudent manufacturers that either have available stock or short lead times!

Call us or email us when in doubt, as we have such a deep bench that we can usually meet even the most demanding schedule.  

Yeah we got that!

Back By Popular Demand:

HOT Off the Presses With New Products:

Click Image to download

Chef Nick shows us what a Bldogett Combi can really do.

Counter Intelligence

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Almost all of your choices in food service equipment are now available in both floor model and counter models.

Choosing the countertop versions can provide some unique operator benefits, by de-coupling the functions of the upper and lower portions of a workstation.  Addressing each vertical component individually, in either preparation or cooking areas, results in a hybrid design approach. This, in turn, can have enormous bottom-line implications.

Providing that their volume is consistent with your needs, tabletop units can offer the flexibility and modularity that is essential in these rapidly changing times.  Baking in the ability to pivot into your layout has gained the greatest importance in today’s environment.

  • Equipment can be much more easily reconfigured to suit changing menus and/or evolving staffing.
  • Swapping out of individual pieces can be so much less disruptive to operations.
  • When the top and bottom half of the station are separate, long-term cost of ownership drops dramatically.


  • Provides the ability to easily mix and match side by side components.
  • Choose between a variety of bases including refrigerated, blast chilling and freezing, open and enclosed storage, proofing, heating, oven and even steam assisted ovens!
  • Ventless options in counter-top cooking equipment abound, opening up underutilized real estate.

The demand for countertop appliances has been growing rapidly. It is easy to understand why.
Smart operators have learned the advantages of counter intelligence.

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        2021_SNA NSBW Week 1 Winner Image.png   And the winner is… Congrats to Becky Fowler with Stonington Public Schools in Connecticut for winning the Week 1 10,000 Cool School Points!
Missed this week’s email? Chef Cyndie, from Culinary Solutions, provided a downloadable breakfast recipe, for an “egglette”, for National School Breakfast Week prep. 
Click here to get the download
We’ll be back next week with another yummy downloadable breakfast recipe. You’ll also have another chance to enter for next week’s giveaway, plus be entered for the Grand Prize.
Have a great weekend, 
The Lakeside and Multiteria teams (and Chef Cyndie)  P.S. Find additional student participation resources in the guide put together by SNA HERE.            

Boilerless Steamers