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📝 Deducting 📦

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Way back in the fall of 2017, when the upcoming IRFSNY show was imminent, the exhibiting dealers were all asking their factory reps for new ideas as to what to display in their respective booths in March of 2018.

As perplexing as the annual question was, a clear direction was about to take shape, per the suggestion of the contract manager of a leading kitchen equipment and supplies dealership.

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Doyon BakeSuite Video

Globe G Series Slicers

Crown Steam Group logo

We’d like to introduce you to the launching of Crown Steam Group, who together with Market Forge and Firex products, provide the ultimate line of steam cooking systems, packed with depth and technology.  

Please contact us for: 

  • Crown Steam Group 2019 Catalog – includes a section for Crown, Market Forge and Firex
  • Cross Reference Excel Sheet (Reference between Crown, Southbend Blodgett and Market Forge Model numbers)
  • Crown Steam Group resource flyer – where you will find all the social media platforms we are on. Also, our new Crown Steam Group website!

Please visit us at – for spec sheets, owner’s manual, and many more resources!

Crown has also launched in AutoQuotes & is now available for reference and quoting with the current list prices in AQ (and on our website).

🎓 Educating the Healthy Masses 🎓

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Educating the “Healthy” Masses

By Ed Pecinka

Opportunities to bring knowledge and value to our marketplace comes from many different places.  In the month of March, after attending the bi annual NAFEM “training ground”, Pecinka Ferri has been fortunate to “educate” our industry, not only on a regular basis in our Culinary Center or by sharing our sales staff and knowledge with our key dealer partners as they presented “what’s new” and unique at the annual International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York.

We were requested to participate in two unique programs that have allowed our staff to “teach” new cooking techniques and product applications.

Our Chef Nick Mercogliano, with his sous’ John Alfano and Amir Kamal, cooked and presented at the AHF-NY event “Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community- Plant Based Culinary Clinic”.  This was followed up this week with Chef Nick presenting “Farm to Table, Vegetables and Micro Greens” to students at Queensborough Community College.  The school’s annual common read was Will Allen’s, The Good Food Revolution. Chef Nick presented our Garden Chef as a unique tool available today that will allow restaurants and healthcare facilities a perfect environment for growth of micro greens and vegetables. By bringing “tasting samples” along with a freshly grown tray of wheatgrass, this presentation gave perfect closure with real-life examples of the value of good foods.    

The Unique Training Continues!!!!

Come join the team from Pecinka Ferri and meet James Zensen, Engineering Support Manager for Wells Ventless Products, for an in depth and hands on presentation/training on the features, benefits, and design specifications for what is becoming the industries latest ventilation technology offering.

Training sessions will be taking place on:

Tuesday April 16th / 11am- 2pm and Wednesday April 17th 11am – 2pm

Day and Nite/ All Service 10 Charles Street New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Lunch will be served

For more information or to RSVP call Terie Ozuski at PF  973 812-4277

Wells Ventless


Just in time for Ice Cream Season, Server Products announces that they are delaying their scheduled price increase until 2020!

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member Daria Runza to Pecinka Ferri.

Daria will be working with our customer service team and can be reached at (973) 813-7149


2019 AHF Election Results

The 2019 election results are in The members elected two new officers, three new directors, and two leadership development committee members to serve on the Association’s 2019-2020 Board of Directors and Leadership Development Committee.

Aatul JAin

New Jersey’s own Aatul Jain was voted in as Director at Large.

He is currently Executive Chef at Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick.

Dispense Rite Order Pickup

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🌜When the moon hits your eye like a big 🍕

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🌜When the moon hits your eye like a big 🍕

You need to do pizza? 

We got ya’ pizza equipment right over here. 

Mixers? We got three leading brands.

Refrigeration? Check – walk-ins, reach-ins, dough retarders, prep tables…

Displays? You bet!

Oh, & ovens? Boy, do we have ovens: BlodgettMarsalTurboChefMiddleby MarshallDoyon(not to mention Southbend, Lang, Wells, Hollman…)Just about everything you need, including the kitchen sink.

And did we mention that most of it is live and operating at our Culinary Center in Fairfield, NJ for testing, recipe & menu validation (and lunch too)?

The Association for Healthcare Food Service of New York Presented “Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community … Plant Base Culinary Clinic” at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) this week.
Team Pecinka Ferri was there in force.

We were baking at the IRFSNY & The Vegas Pizza Expo; see how we did.

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🔥 Cookin’ With (or Without..) Fire 🔌❄

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Robo-Cook II
At Work in Today’s Futuristic Kitchen 🔌
by Andy Roid Weber, BBQ
Robo-Cook had been working alongside his kitchen-gardener, the Germinator at the Paddy O’Furniture Virtual Pub for some time.  Together they led the fight for clean food, growing flats of microgreens, and nitro-brewing coffee, tea and Italian sodas.  Rumors on the (pedestrian only) street swirled that they’d been transported from a future air-polluted Gotham by (delivered by time-travelling drones).
Garden Chef
Porcupine had lost its bid to open a third second headquarters in San Francisco. Locals there – who were receiving universal basic income – spent their idle days protesting against any cafeteria equipment manufacturers who were not paying their robots at least $15/hour.  The company decided to manufacture their burger-flipping androids and micro-green gro-cabinets at one of their other-second-headquarters instead.
Tender Chef
Paddy O’s waitron, Rosie was out walking their cyborg pet Astro, when she was alerted to the familiar “Danger, Phil Robinson, Danger!”  coming from their 120 square foot kitchen.  It seemed that not only had the walk-in door been left ajar, but the salad robot was out of pumpkin seeds.  Jumping onto her Segway, she sped back past Uber Eats driverless cars. Upon arrival she discovered that: big data had already been transmitted from the appliances to upper management’s mobile devices, that an alert was issued to the headsets in the kitchen, and that HACCP violations had been recorded online.
Kitchen Brains


 🔥Mibrasa Charcoal Oven/Grills kill it. 🔥
Mibrasa Oven/Grill
Premium charcoal cooking equipment line of Ovens, Parrilla Grills, Robatayakis and Hibachis, featuring the benefits of cooking with live fire. 
Mibrasa products are extremely well crafted, highly robust, safe and easy to use and control.
  Leading US Chefs use Mibrasa in their restaurants 
· Rick Bayless – Lena Brava, Chicago
· Paul Kahan – One Off Hospitality, Chicago
· Josiah Citrin – Melisse ** Michelin and Charcoal Venice, Los Angeles
· Ilan Hall – Ramen Hood, NYC & Los Angeles
· Geronimo Lopez – Botika Pearl, San Antonio
· David Orozco – Asadero Prime, Seattle

chewblet ice

diet ice

💃 It’s Showtime 🎬

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It’s showtime again – this time in the Big Apple and in Sin City. The IRFSNY opens Sunday 3/3/19 at the Javits Center, showcasing many of the items that were introduced at NAFEM, as well as comestibles.

The Pizza Show starts on Wednesday 3/6/19 in Vegas, with many of our factories exhibiting (and cooking live there) as well.

As we close in on the quarter’s end, there are deals to be made!  Look for us at the shows for all of the specials available.

Years To Design & Develop. Only 10 Seconds To Change It.

Patent Pending

Food Shield Video Link

Lacor cookware

LACOR was founded in 1949 in the Basque Country of Spain & is the leading European manufacturer of premium quality cookware, kitchenware, and tableware for the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry.  

In order to serve the most demanding kitchen operators in the USA, in 2018, LACOR opened a branch in Naperville, IL, increasing US-based inventory levels to 2,000 SKUs.

LACOR offers the broadest and deepest selection of induction friendly cookware and displayware available.  All products can be found in AutoQuotes.

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  2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.

3. She was only a whiskey maker, but I loved her still.

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5. No matter how much you push the envelope, it’ll still be stationery.