💼 A Salesman in a Self-Service World 🌎

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Do you remember those radio and TV ads: “Work from home; No selling required!”? I sure do. I still wonder why precluding the sales function is perceived as a positive message.

Popular media revels in the demonization of the sales profession. From the sitcom WRKP in Cincinnati’s sleazy Herb Tarlek, through Peewee Herman’s disgust at a “SALESMAN!” ringing his doorbell, right through to Leonardo DeCaprio’s portrayal of the Wolf of Wall Street, we are barraged with images that condition us to reject the worth of the world’s second oldest profession. Come to think of it, don’t practitioners of the world’s first oldest profession need to be sales-oriented as well?

Concurrent with the stigmatization of selling, comes the proliferation of self-service options. Gas stations, ATM’s, retail check-outs, self-publishing, even US Customs kiosks and medical advice have all been automated to eliminate human interaction. There’s an app for that (and for everything else, it seems).

Just as the Industrial Revolution eliminated manufacturing jobs, so too the Information Age continues to impact the workforce. Fortunately, sales positions don’t yield to mechanization as easily as clerical jobs do. Sure, retail has its “shelf-talkers”, and B2B its “silent salesmen”, but only non-robots can deliver insights and build consensus.

It seems as though everyone perceives themselves an expert, shallow-schooled by smart phones, social networks and the narrow group that they interact and identify with.

Salespeople are tasked with providing a broader and deeper education of product features and benefits. Performance based compensation ensures that they are incentivized to eliminate ignorance.

Why then do we struggle to resonate with potential customers? Why do we lack the engagement so necessary to teach?

Can we blame complacency? Are lazy marketers to be indicted for their penchant for relying on collateral, printed catalogues, price lists and poorly planned and/or executed trade shows?

Automating processes might lead to your Blue Ocean Strategy by getting customers to buy on autopilot. You might find The Holy Grail of business – a value proposition that makes it too hard for your clients to switch to your competitor. More likely, though, a sales professional will lead the way to higher volumes and profits.

No selling required: that’s why there’s always the need for a salesman.

Editor’s Note: This was originally posted in 2014

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Looking for foodservice-focused baking equipment?

Marsal gas & electric pizza ovens are in and will be operational next week at the Pecinka Ferri Culinary Center  in Fairfield.

These are in addition to the Blodgett Combi Ovens, Rotating Rack Ovens, (and, of course) Convection Ovens, Doyon Artisan Stone-Deck Oven, NuVu and Houno ovens – all ready to be test-driven!

Sheeters, dividers, rounders, mixers, showcases, blast chillers, shock freezers, standard refrigeration, fryers, ranges: All your equipment needs for a successful bake operation, now under one roof.


Contact our certified executive chef for a hands-on bake today!

Don’t let this happen to you!


☀🌞 Al Fresco 🍹🍗

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You thought that Al wasn’t going to return didn’t you!  Well he’s back.  Al Fresco (dining) is alive and well and coming to a patio near you.

Now that the weather’s finally broken (it IS June, after all) you can anticipate long nights outdoors under the stars dining and entertaining.

From casual table settings, to outdoor cooking, to portability, together we’ll craft the solutions for memorable experiences.

We look forward to seeing you enjoying the great outdoors.


Our 2017 garden is in at the P-F Culinary Center

The New gas test kitchen is open for business too!

MagiCater Season is upon us.


The MagiKitch’n Outdoor Oven

Much more than just a pizza oven, the MagiKitch’n oven has countless recipes and is beoming one of the most coveted products in the MagiKitch’n outdoor line.




🍦🍨🍧Guess What Time of Year it is 👓👣👙

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If you guessed that it’s swimsuit season, you’d be right (almost).  It is, in fact, the time of year when young men’s (and women’s) thoughts turn to… Gelato!

As I am writing this on Earth Day 2017, my thoughts turn to incredible frozen desserts that can be made from natural and sustainable ingredients.

Take a tour of the latest in cold treats and how we support them:

How Gelato Is Made, Served and Displayed

Gelato. The more glamorous and mythical cousin of American ice cream. We’ve already explored the differences between gelato and ice cream, but what about gelato itself? Let’s take a look at how gelato is made, served, and displayed.

Irinox technology keeps your ice cream better. Ice cream comes out of the batch freezer at a temperature of -7°/-9°C; at this point it still contains 30% water, which is responsible for rapid aging. If the ice cream is placed in the window at -12°C or kept at -18° without shock freezing, the water congeals slowly and forms macro-crystals that ruin the structure. In just a few hours the ice cream will lose creaminess, volume and the typical flavour of freshly made ice cream.

MultiFresh or the EasyFresh blast chiller are used to shock freeze at -18°C or -12°C; the water in the ice cream is transformed into micro-crystals that maintain initial quality intact and do not ruin the structure. After shock freezing the ice cream can be kept at -18°C or -12°C so that a stock is always available in the exclusive Irinox Cp Multi or N’ice holding cabinets, or at -12° C in the window ready for retail.



  • Increases the duration of preserved ice cream;
  • Reduces production costs;
  • Cuts energy consumption;
  • Flavours always available for display;
  • Manages peak periods and unexpected demand;
  • Reduces overrun losses;
  • Plans production;
  • Increases the assortment to offer customers (chocolate, mousse, ice cream cakes, semifreddos);





The ice cream comes out of the batch freezer at -7°/9°C and must be taken as rapidly as possible to a window display temperature of -12°C; if the basin is placed directly in the window, slow freezing causes a loss of volume and the creation of macro crystals that damage the quality of the ice cream.

Only MultiFresh has a cycle dedicated to ICE CREAM freezing at -12°C that rapidly takes it to a temperature of -7°C to -12°C, making it immediately ready for retail.  The ice cream preserves overrun and maintains its texture and quality.

Ice cream cone dispensers and organizers are available for countertop and surface mounted dispensing applications in a variety of dispensing mechanisms, material specifications and product configurations.

🏁 The Big Finish 🏆

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You’ve been working and waiting all year long for this moment.  Q4 is coming to a close and the fruits of your labors are soon to pay off.

Are you sprinting to the goal line or coasting?  A big finish is in store for most of us in foodservice equipment and supplies.  Is it more prudent for us to take advantage of incentives to fill ’16 or better to sandbag and get a bigger bang out of Q1/17? Nice problem to have!

Other factors to consider are the impending price increases; the new business, legislative and tax environment sure to accompany the new administration; and the latest round of currency fluctuations that will affect imported products.

Don’t forget the year-end section 179 opportunities available (that reduce the tax bite) as well.

Many of our factories have inventory ready to ship.  As we head into the final stretch, let us help you hit the targets that you need to.

New from ITI.  

(🎅I see Sleighs and Snowmen!) 
Do you?


  • Advance Tabco: January 1st, 2017
  • Alluserv: December 1st, 2016
  • Blodgett: January 1st, 2017
  • Carter-Hoffmann: January 1st, 2017
  • Continental Refrigerator: January 1st, 2017
  • Geneva: December 1st, 2016
  • Hospitality Glass Brands: February 1st 2017 (just added)
  • Irinox: January 1st, 2017 (just added)
  • ITI: December 1st, 2016 (just added)
  • Lakeside: December 1st, 2016
  • Market Forge: January 1st, 2017
  • Natura Water: October 7th, 2016
  • Server Products: March 1st, 2017
  • Univex: January 1st, 2017
  • Villeroy & Boch: February 1st, 2017


🌁 Getting Winter-Ready ❄

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Have you been to our new showroom (since we recently added tableware and furnishings)?

You can share in the holiday cheer with us at our second annual open house and party!

Come see what you’ve been missing and raise a glass with us.

Join the foodservice insiders this Friday at our new facilities in Fairfield, NJ & enjoy the spectacular feast that our Executive Chef Nicholas Mercogliano, CEC has prepared to celebrate.



Insinger, the real-deal potato chopper shown here!


  • Advance Tabco: January 1st, 2017
  • Alluserv: December 1st, 2016
  • Blodgett: January 1st, 2017
  • Carter-Hoffmann: January 1st, 2017
  • Continental Refrigerator: January 1st, 2017
  • Geneva: December 1st, 2016
  • Lakeside: December 1st, 2016
  • Market Forge: January 1st, 2017
  • Natura Water: October 7th, 2016
  • Server Products: March 1st, 2017
  • Univex: January 1st, 2017
  • Villeroy & Boch: February 1st, 2017

➖ Line Card ♠♥♣♦

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You asked for it; here it is:

Our latest line card showing all of the Enlightened Manufacturers represented by Pecinka Ferri.


click to access .pdf


It is fully interactive, take it out for a spin.


Keep in mind that there are several price increases imminent (we’ve updated the list since last week)
(click here)

Check out our presentation at the upcoming HX Show in the Javits Ctr.

hxFor FREE show tickets go to and use promo code 31219.
While at the show, stop by our Blodgett booth # 2325.


2016 Culinary trends

How many came true?

What about 2017?



ConserveWell by Server Products



⚠ Beware! – New Pricing Alert 🔜 🚧

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Yes, it’s that time again for price “adjustments”.

You should be prepared to take advantage of manufacturers’ current prices, as many are poised to institute increases in the coming months (some even before the New Year).

Pecinka Ferri will be closed on Monday. October 10th in observance of Columbus Day, reopening on Tuesday 10/11/16 at 8:00 AM EST.

Irinox USA had closed their Miami offices on Thursday & Friday 10/6-7/16 in anticipation of the hurricane.


Save Energy with a Refrigerated Display Case. Here’s how.

With higher energy costs and stricter government regulations, it’s more important than ever for foodservice operations to consider energy-saving strategies. From demand control ventilation to more efficient refrigeration compressors, there is a wide range of options from which operators can take advantage. One of those pieces of energy-saving foodservice equipment is the refrigerated display case.








👙👓 Summer News 👣🌞

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At a time of year where it’s usually slow, there happens to be a lot going on!

We have a new employee starting, lines that we’re adding, our construction project under way, and our factories gearing up for NAFEM already (yup that’s 1/2 year away).

All this, and several announcements that we’ll be making over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned…


Please join us in welcoming Steve Ward, formerly of upstate New York’s Link2 Hospitality to the Pecinka Ferri team.
Steve will officially start next Monday 7/18/16.

  • Blodgett/Market Forge has had several seats open up for their August sales training.  Please RSVP to to secure your spot.


  • Insinger Machine has released their third quarter specials.  Contact your account executive for details.