🏡 Un-Comfort Zone 🚧


Do you work to live, or do you live to work?

Recent press reports have highlighted Americans’ work habits; much of the coverage does not flatter.  Long hours, less stability, and a penchant for being “always-on” are contributing to a lowering of expectations in the workplace.

Although satisfaction is up, a clear danger exists in  defining one’s self simply in terms of one’s occupation.

That other time-drain, social media, further contributes to the blurring of boundaries between the professional and the personal.

Identifying too closely with the work-sphere might also expose you to a minefield of negative consequences.

Customers are poorly served when workers act as though their client’s presence is an invasion of the employee’s space.  How many frustrating encounters with shop clerks, flight attendants and wait staff have you been subjected to lately?

Drawn-out grieving processes can ensue when a separation from one’s vocation occurs.

Survivor’s guilt can hamstring teams left behind at the job.

A shallow existence may result from  a one-dimensional self image.

We are more than the sum total of our resumes. Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s.  Then get out of your comfort zone and embrace life.  Just do it.

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