What’s old, what’s new?

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Something old, something new, something blue.

This week, we bring you:

Holiday Traditions

Our latest ventless appliance

And a great reason to look at Bluezone 

Chef Nick Fries For The Holidays

VLH Coming in December

Blodgett VLH

VLH Hoodini Half Size Ventless Hood for CTB ovens will now be available in mid December 2020. 

The Hoodini convection hood collects and filters exhaust from the oven cavity(ies).

The “scrubbed” air is then returned to the kitchen.

Works in conjunction with a catalyst ring which reacts with grease laden vapor before before it escapes the hood.

Blodgett Logo

Worried about airborne transmission of COVID-19?

Here’s what restaurants should be doing to sanitize indoor air in the dining room

Experts and a San Francisco operator discuss the next level of safety protocols restaurants face to curb the spread of COVID-19 READ HERE: NRN

Yeah, We’ve got that…: